For a tree like pear, planting and care must be carried out in accordance with certain rules. And the yield directly depends not only on the choice of a certain variety.

Pear planting and care

The pear is planted in spring, sincedue to the poorly developed root system, the seedlings have a very long process of engraftment, which can last two years. At this time, the tree grows very badly.

In order to engraft the seedlings was betterand faster, you can put them in a mixture specially prepared for this purpose. For it you will need: 1 bucket of the top layer of soil, 1 bucket with humus, 300 grams of superphosphate. If the soil is very acidic, then it is worth adding lime - this will help the tree grow faster.

Pear: planting and care

The next thing you should know about a tree isthe fact that its ground part must be cut off by 1/3, and make it better after landing. Of course, do not forget about watering the tree.

By the way, it is necessary to answer briefly the question ofhow to plant a pear. This requires special landing holes, the diameter of which should be about one hundred centimeters, and the depth - sixty centimeters. If more - even better. And "fill" these pits preferably fertile soil, of course, if your land is not such.

There are several important rules that you needobserve if you want to successfully grow such a fruit tree as a pear. Planting and caring for him are required timely and in compliance with certain rules. If the year turned out to be very fruitful, it largely exhausts the tree. To avoid problems, in particular, freezing in the cold season, it is worth all summer time to feed the pear with fertilizers from nitrogen, adding enhanced watering and loosening of the soil.

How to plant a pear

It is worth noting that some varieties of pears arethat is, in order for them to yield, it is necessary to plant several varieties simultaneously in the garden, as a result of which the so-called exchange and self-pollination will occur. But if for any reason this option is unacceptable for you, you need to vaccinate two or three varieties of pears in the crown.

Watering and cutting branches

In the list of rules on the topic "Pear: planting and care "also need to include abundant watering, while the tree is still developing. To an adult plant in such quantity the moisture is not necessary, as its well developed root system by that time can independently eat from soil.

Correct pruning and shaping the crown arethe most important stage of care for a pear tree. Due to the fact that the pear belongs to light-loving plants, every leaf in its crown requires sunlight.

Planting a pear in the spring

Do not trim the lower branches of the tree, even ifthey do not bear fruit. The erroneous opinion that the less branches, the better the harvest, all the efforts of gardeners nullify: the lower branches of the tree can bear a lot of fruit, but only with proper care. In particular, this refers to obtaining a tree in sufficient sunlight.

The optimal solution is the pruning of the branches inside the crown. However, it is worth very carefully monitor the sunlight: if it is enough, then this branch can be left.