Of course, cockroaches can not be called enemiesman, but it is unlikely that someone will agree to cohabit with such neighbors. That's why a lot of absolutely harmless for humans, but deadly for cockroaches folk ways to fight them.

People's Councils - a remedy for cockroach cockroaches

The smell of coffee beckons cockroaches to you, why with thisDo not take advantage? Take a three-liter jar filled to the middle with water, add half a cup of ground coffee to it and place the trap in the favorite place of the insects. Cockroaches will crawl into the jar, but they will not be able to get out of it.

folk remedies for cockroaches

People's Councils - a remedy for cockroach beer

The smell of beer is also very attracting insects. At the bottom of the jar, a little beer is poured, and a thin layer of petroleum jelly is applied along the edges on the inside. Place the trap for the night in the right place, and in the morning you will feel like a winner. Of course, the method works killer, but only with those cockroaches that fall into a trap.

People's Councils - a remedy for cockroaches with boric acid

No these insects have immunity to compoundsboron. Cockroaches begin to scratch terribly from the boron and die, so next to the boric powder you will never see these creatures. Pour the drug in places of insects, and they will leave your house forever. If you do not want to spread out the powder, make such a treat. Roll balls from boiled potatoes, eggs and boric acid. Spread the bait in all corners.

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Folk remedies against cockroaches - ammonia

The unpleasant smell of ammonia is unbearable forred six-legged. If you systematically wash the floor with the addition of ammonia, the cockroaches will move to the next apartment. Of course, you will have to wash the floors daily until the desired effect is achieved. But the cockroaches really will not.

If you get rid of cockroaches folk remediesfailed, help can frost. Enough for the time when you leave the apartment, leave the pane open. Cockroaches really do not like the cold. But this way you can freeze the whole house.

And most importantly: you need to make sure that unwanted roommates have nothing to eat, and most importantly, to drink. If without food cockroaches are able to get by, then without water their existence is impossible.

get rid of cockroaches folk remedies
Drought should be everywhere, even in flower pots, otherwise these reddish creatures, even taking a portion of the poison, can drink with water and feel healthier than before!

Chemistry to the rescue

If national recipes have not helped, the remedy forcockroach, sold in stores, will help achieve a quick result. Buy a special gel from cockroaches, you can chalk or a trap. Such drugs quickly destroy insects and do not harm people or animals. The most popular of them are: "Reid", "Combat" aerosols, "Raptor" or "Clean House" traps, Raptor gels, and "Dohloks", "LS 500". But the crayon "Mashenka" does not always help at 100%. Excellent drugs "Combat", "Global", "Gett". It is necessary to read the instruction carefully and do as the manufacturer advises. Cockroaches will disappear after a couple of days of use. Have a good hunting!