The interior of modern premises involves the use for the decoration of walls of traditional wallpaper or wallpaper for painting. What is the advantage of the latter? What paint for wallpaper deserves attention?

Traditional vinyl or acrylic wallpaper canreduce the repair time and hide the flaws of the walls. With the wallpaper sticker on the walls, even an unprepared person who repairs for the first time can cope. A more labor-intensive process is the leveling of the walls, their plastering and finishing, so that the surface is ideal and even. Then on the walls you can paste thin wallpaper or apply paint. For interior design, you can choose wallpaper that can visually expand the room, add heat and light. Using paint to cover the wallpaper allows you to create new accents in the interior design, give it personality.

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The paint for painting the wallpaper inbuilding stores or it can be selected in the online store. Before buying it, you need to decide which type of wallpaper you buy it for. So, for stekloboyev suitable paint on alkyd or water basis. It creates a strong film and is resistant to moisture. But such a paint is not suitable for wallpaper with a relief pattern, it can be toxic and it is not recommended for use in living quarters. One of the best options - paint for wallpaper, created on a water-based basis. These include latex and acrylic paints, they are safe and environmentally friendly.

Drying of latex paints takes from four to six hours. Three days after the application, they show their maximum potential.

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Acrylic paint has wonderfulcharacteristics. It is able to emphasize the structure of wallpaper, environmentally safe. After its application, the wallpaper can be washed. Suitable paint for wallpaper vinyl, structural, textured, non-woven, glass, that is, all types intended for painting. The paint can be applied also for decorative finishing of surfaces from gypsum board, wood, plastered walls. It is suitable for interior design of bedrooms, living rooms. The advantages of paint include ease of application, it is not sprayed, economical, creates a matte uniform coating.

Before applying the wallpaper paint should bethoroughly mixed. From the walls you must first wash off the old coating, zashpatlevat and cover them with a primer. Apply the paint better with a roller, brush or paint sprayer. And it will be necessary to make two or three layers, pre-drying each before applying the next. The paint layer should be dried for one hour if the temperature in the room is from plus eighteen to plus twenty degrees. Completely drying the wallpaper for the day. Care must be taken when working with it. Make sure that the paint does not get into the eyes, if it happened - rinse them with water. The hands should be protected with gloves.

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Ways of using paint for wallpaper are various. For example, if you are sticking non-woven, then they need a water-dispersion paint. It can be applied to the outside of the wallpaper. Another option is to paint the inside of the wallpaper before the label on the walls. Then its structure will remain white, and the surface after drying will show color. Also suitable is acrylic paint. You can cover the wall with a paint on which to paste the wallpaper. Drying, the paint will shine through the transparent wallpaper.