Metalware has several advantages overcompared with the structures of reinforced concrete, and in the first place this is a much smaller mass with the preservation of the necessary strength. In addition, metal structures can be made collapsible, and their erection is possible in any period of the year. But metal structures must be protected from the harmful effects of environmental factors (sun, water, wind, temperature drop), and along with special methods of protection (cementing, nitro-cementing), a method such as metal painting is used. The coating layer can protect the metal from all the above factors. Among other things, painting, metalwork is also used to give the structure aesthetic appearance.

Painting of metal structures

Particular attention should be given to the choice of coverage. The paint for the metal must be special, with certain characteristics. At present, with this there are no difficulties, each company-manufacturer includes in its line of specialized paints for metal.

Painting of metal structures - responsible andlaborious work, for which professional skills are needed. This is due not only to the technology of coating, but also because such structures are quite large and it is not so easy to apply a coat of paint on them. Such designs are often painted by the method of industrial mountaineering, which only professionals can do.

Painting of metal
Painting of steel structures begins withmandatory surface preparation. Such preliminary work is needed to improve the adhesion (adhesion) of the coating and the metal elements. First you need to remove the old cover, if any. Then, chipping and traces of corrosion are carried out. The next step will be cleaning the entire surface with a manual, mechanical or abrasive blasting method from dirt and dust - this step should never be missed, even if the surface looks clean. On the metal there are always foreign particles, and if they are not removed, the paint will roll off the elements of the structure or lie in an inhomogeneous layer, which will lead to the fact that the coloring of the metal structures will be made poor.

Paint for metal

Then, if possible, grinding is carried outsurface - this procedure also helps to improve the adhesion of paint and metal. The next step is degreasing, it is carried out with alkaline, acidic or emulsion agents. After this washing it is necessary to wait - the structure must be completely dry before painting. The last preparatory procedure is priming - processing in one or two layers of special materials, the second layer is applied only after the first one has dried completely. After the primer, you can proceed directly to staining.

The only thing that should be remembered is not worth itmake large breaks between preparation of the surface, primer and application of paint, because the structural elements can be re-contaminated and the coating will be poorly laid. But if all the works are done correctly, the service life of the coating will be at least 3.5 years.