Abundance of varieties of this amazing plantmakes the hearts of flower lovers beat more often. Indoor and outdoor varieties, with an unlimited number of shapes and sizes of flowers and leaves, with an immense number of shades and colorings - so you want to have all possible varieties! This is such a seductive and tempting geranium ... How to multiply it so that it can quickly and easily get a flowering plant?

Not all varieties can be found, and run aroundcity ​​in the search for a new pet is difficult, especially if I saw a luxurious sample on the window of a friend. How to be? In what ways can you get a piece of this fragrant fairy beauty?

Propagating geraniums is very easy, and for thisthere are several ways. At first glance, the easiest way to get a new geranium is seed propagation. This method can be used to obtain such geranium specimens as others do, so seeds can be obtained from any country in the world. So you can collect a unique collection of geranium.

But there are many "buts" for this method. So the seedlings are obtained, which will bloom only in the second year, at best in the late summer, in the autumn. If you sow seeds in August, when they usually ripen, then by winter there will be solid shoots of seedlings, which can already be planted.

If the seeds are sown in the winter, before the beginningfrosts, then except that only the best part of them will overwinter, which will be tempered in parallel, they will rise exactly when there will be an optimum ratio of sun, heat and moisture.

If the seeds are planted indoors, it is better to sow them in a box that is covered with a transparent glass on top. After germination, the box can be removed to a cool place so that the seedlings are not pulled up.

Seeds need to be soaked in a warmwater, for a few minutes, then bubbling to get rid of the empty, and put in a warm moist mixture of earth, peat and river sand (1: 1: 1/2). Not bad, if in warm water for soaking add manganese, to a pale pink color, to disinfect them before sowing.

After emergence, before transplanting, the plant can be dived to make the plant lush.

The second, more common way to getgeranium - reproduction with the help of a handle. This method is familiar to most domestic florists-amateurs. The most important thing is that the reproduction of geranium with cuttings allows obtaining up to 20 new samples from one bush which will not even cease to bloom at the time of rooting. To do this, from a healthy strong plant cut with a stem with leaves (well, if there are at least 2) and put in a glass of water. It can be placed directly in the soil, pre-soaked in a special solution that accelerates rooting (rooting). The soil is better to take the store, keep it damp, keep the flower pot on the sunny side, but watch that the plants do not burn the sun's rays. After rooting, you can dive, and then you need to form a bush to make it neat and symmetrical.

It is very convenient to divide an old plant - suchthe geranium is reproduced by cuttings. From one bush cut a lot of cuttings and a rejuvenated root. But it is necessary to look, that on a root there was a young kidney delicate, differently the root can be thrown out. All diseased parts of the plant must be discarded, and it is better to destroy them so as not to infect healthy sprouts. Old land is also better to throw away and take a fresh mixture for young shoots.

The last two ways to get a young geranium(propagation by cuttings and rejuvenation of the bush) are suitable if the plant is aged and needs to be renewed or simply to grow new varieties of the variety. Usually the geranium pleases the grower for 10 years, and then begins to slowly deplete, grow old and die. Therefore, after this period, the plant is either rejuvenated, or replaced by a new plant.

Further care for young geraniums is simple - weeding, watering, fertilizing and transplanting as needed.

Now you know all the ways in whichmultiply geranium - reproduction by seeds, cuttings and rejuvenation of the bush, so you can grow the most beautiful varieties with the most unusual and bright colors!