The front door is an important element of anyapartment or house. It protects the premises from thieves and unwanted guests. The main criterion to which she must respond is reliability. How to perform installation of entrance doors with their own hands, will be discussed in detail later.

Selecting a metal door

Installation of entrance doors start by choosing the right product. Many people prefer varieties of metal to wooden leaves. But, coming to the store, not everyone is sure that they can choose the right door. It should have a good system of locks and sound insulation. Also, a quality linen has a layer of insulation. A reliable manufacturer provides a long-term warranty on their products.

Installation of entrance doors

A man who came to the store for metaldoor, it may seem that its price is too high. If the seller offers a design at a low cost, the system does not belong to the category of high-quality products. Perhaps the door has a marriage. When choosing the presented design, it is first of all necessary to pay attention to reliability and quality. You should not save on your own safety.

For a metal door is best suitedeye with a large area of ​​view. Thanks to this, he will show a picture that is happening on the other side of the door from all sides. If you look at the statistics, about eighty percent of cases of robbery occur in the entrances. The best solution is to install the eyelet, which will allow you to carefully consider the space in front of the door.

Important details when choosing

To installation of the front door by one's own hands was executed quickly and without problems, it is necessary to always pay attention in the process of buying on the part. A lot depends on them.

So, for example, first of all it is necessary to examineloops. If an intruder wants to enter the house, he can easily knock off the poor-quality hardware with a sledgehammer. To avoid such trouble, you need to install anti-plug pins. The more they are, the better.

Installation of the entrance metal door

Before you run installation of an entrance door, dismantling old design, you should consider the main points, which should pay attention to when choosing a new product.

The castle is a temporary, but a barrier topeople who decided to enter the apartment. It has not yet been created an absolutely reliable design. However, the lock will delay the attacker for some time. Therefore it is very important when choosing to pay attention to the design. It must be complicated. For today, one of the best is a cylinder lock. It is distinguished by its high reliability.

Preparing for installation

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands is not an easy task. Here it will be necessary to act step by step.

First you need to prepare a doorway, thenthere is a way to fit it under the installed door very accurately. If the opening is too wide, the door itself will look unnatural. Accordingly, there can be no question of any reliability here. The same goes for the small opening, in which it is simply impossible to install the door. Therefore, the work should be almost jewelry.

Installing the front door with your own hands

Then comes the most crucial moment. It is required to push the door into the opening. And in order that it could not fall, you need to open the canvas at ninety degrees and substitute a prop for the bottom. Next, you need to take the lumbar level and move away. From afar, the owner of the door will see how the product looks, whether it fits well in the opening.

Installing the door unit

Installation of entrance doors after the preparatory processinstallation box. You can start leveling the door unit. We must try to do everything in order to take the exact position with respect to the vertical face of the plane. You must set the level on the side of the box with the hinges. Under that part, which is opposite, you need to put bars of wood. So you can achieve the desired position of the door unit.

Entrance doors

Now it's worth tackling the newdoors. Do not push the top or bottom of the box. Install the door on the wall. In the performance of this work, a certain inconsistency may arise. Doors can be opened and closed by themselves. In this case, you will need to align the entire system. Skewing causes similar problems.

Mounting the door frame

In a certain sequence, the installation of entrance doors. Installation after the abovemanipulations to fix the door frame. It is worth starting from the side where the canopies are located. It is required to drill a hole through the eyes, where an anchor will be inserted later (it is not necessary to tighten it). This procedure continues to be done with all other eyes on the same side. Then you can move to another part of the box.

Installation installation of entrance doors

After that, it's worth taking the level again and startingPush the anchor from the side where the sheds are. After the process is completed on one side, you need to switch to another, not forgetting the installation level. The result will be a solid door block.

Completion of installation

Installation of the entrance metal door is completed by a number of simple works. If after installation the unit is still a little unsteady, then do not worry. The fixing foam will help fix it. It's worthwhile to examine the door carefully. It is necessary to close it and check the operation of the lock. If its bolts do not pass through the return holes, you need to align the blade to the level.

Installation of the entrance metal door with your own hands

After this, you can proceed to the final stage. There is no particular difficulty here. It is necessary to take a can of mounting foam and shake it well. Then fill it with the contents of all the cracks between the opening and the door itself.

Why not pay attention to the appearance

For most people, the main criterion for choosingthis or that subject is the aesthetics of the product. This is advisable when buying clothes or furniture. But when it comes to safety, the appearance of the product should be thought of as the last thing. Here the main criterion should be reliability and quality.

Doors made of metal have a restrained appearance. But they, unlike wooden varieties, are less aesthetic, their design is not so diverse. So do not give preference to a beautiful, but unreliable design.

Advice of specialists

A door made of metal is a reliable protector of any house. It should be chosen correctly. In this case, the house will be reliably protected from hacking and theft. Installation of entrance doors, which are of high quality, will also be made faster and easier.

If the structure is not reliable, thenIt is to be expected that the system will be able to protect the dwelling from the intrusion of unexpected guests. Very much depends not only on the door itself, but also on its manufacturer. Details are of great importance. From the correct installation is also largely depends on the safety of the house.

For the installation to succeed, the doormet all the requirements of the buyer, you should buy the products of proven manufacturers. This will avoid significant financial losses, thefts and other such troubles.

Having considered how to choose and install correctlyentrance door, you can do all the work yourself. Acting in accordance with the instructions, relying on the advice of experienced professionals, you can mount a reliable design that can block the way for intruders into the home.