Cockroaches live almost everywhere, the main thing is thatit was warm and damp. They live as in cities, populating not only individual houses, but even areas, and in rural areas. These insects are known since ancient times. Red cockroach is familiar to many housewives, it is called a cockroach. This name of the cockroach, most likely, was due to the mustache of this insect, which resemble the mustache of the Prussian soldiers, Russian soldiers fought with it. These insects are amazingly tenacious.

From cockroaches folk remedies

On how to bring cockroaches folkthey know for a long time. But the main guarantee of success in the fight against these insects is the simultaneous struggle at once in all places where they settled. In the war against cockroaches, the main criterion of success is purity. Insects should be deprived of water and food. Remove all food products in the refrigerator. After eating, you should thoroughly wipe all tables and cooking places. The sink, after it was used, should be wiped dry. And of course, there should not be any leaking faucets, if any, they must be repaired or replaced. As for the trash can, it must be covered with a dense lid.

How to remove cockroaches folk remedies

Some folk remedies for cockroaches are basedon their temperature preferences. These insects do not tolerate the cold, they can not live in the house at a temperature below -7 degrees. Earlier in the villages from cockroaches folk remedies were used everywhere, and one of them was freezing. In winter, people just left their huts and did not stove the stoves for three days, during which time all the cockroaches died. This is a fairly effective method. But in modern urban apartments they can not always be used.

From cockroaches folk remedies can beprepared on the basis of boric acid. That's just a momentary effect from them should not wait. You can just sprinkle boric acid powder over the skirting boards, around the sink, bath and toilet, but it does not look very neat, but you can do this if you leave for some time, for example, on vacation. In other cases, you can use beads based on boric acid. Prepare them is not difficult. To do this, boil the egg hard and take only the yolk. Grind it with a fork and add 30 g of boric acid powder. Wet hands (fingers need to be moistened with water) roll small balls, their diameter should be about one and a half centimeters. Such balls must be decomposed in all places where harmful insects were seen.

From cockroaches folk remedies can be onbased borax. This is a sweet bait that attracts cockroaches, on them this remedy acts perniciously. Like boric acid, the borax will not immediately cause cockroaches. It is necessary to mix 3 parts of borax, 1 part of starch and 1 part of granulated sugar. This mixture should be scattered on the skirting boards and places where insects were seen.

Folk Remedies for Cockroaches

Spend a small cosmetic repair inapartment. Determine where the cockroaches can enter into your home. Seal all small cracks and holes so that insects can not penetrate through them. From cockroaches folk remedies can be used, and such minor repairs will serve to prevent the appearance of uninvited guests in your apartment. In addition, now in the shops you can find effective modern means for fighting cockroaches, for example, ultrasonic devices.