Most people who live in apartments,dream of a small plot with a small house - a country house. However, if you have a plot, and there are no buildings yet, then you should not be upset. Make a cottage by yourself is not too difficult.

First of all, it is necessary to fence the placeconstruction by a fence, that on territory could not come extraneous people or hooligans. Moreover, all necessary materials will be stored on the site. Naturally, first you need to decide on what you will build your structure from. Since there are a lot of materials in the building stores now, the choice is yours. However, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of the elements, but also the conditions for the construction of the building and its operation, the features of the site. In addition, before you start the work, you should draw a preliminary plan for the structure.

The villa should be built frombrick or bar, the second option will be no worse and will be built much faster. The type of foundation also depends on what kind of material you will use and the characteristics of the ground. Basically a strip foundation is constructed, although if the site is very damp, it is desirable to use a columnar base.

country house
When the base is already built and the walls are erected,take care of the roof. Now there are a lot of roofing materials. The choice depends on how large and massive the house is, and also for what purpose it will be used (storage of things and tools, accommodation in the summer, permanent residence). In any case, the roof should be strong and stable. This takes into account the amount of snow that falls in your region, as well as the strength of the wind.

If you want a holiday home with your own handswas made correctly, it should also take into account the possibility of different communications. Naturally, all work must be envisaged at the planning stage of the building. Take into account their remoteness from your site, as well as possible interference that will interfere with laying sewerage, water supply and other communications.

cozy house with own hands
A cottage with their own hands can not onlyerect, but also to equip, as you want, to carry out finishing works. Naturally, the construction will have to be insulated and waterproofed. For warming, you can apply mineral wool. If the house is made of a bar, then it does not require special external finishing, although it can be sewed with siding or lining. You can decorate the structure as you like, only consider its dimensions.

A private house with their own hands is desirable not to buildhurrying, considering all the technological nuances, weather and other factors. Thanks to a lot of different information you can easily take into account all the necessary details. Naturally, in the last place you will need to arrange the remaining lot so that at the dacha you were comfortable. As you can see, it's not difficult to build a cozy house with your own hands. You just need to have the desire, patience and ingenuity. Good luck in your endeavors!