Fans of geranium can be found everywhere. The reason lies in the fact that this plant is suitable for growing in a variety of places and especially not whimsical in care. Under the condition of high-grade sunlight, the flowers will blossom constantly, one by one, at the dacha - from the spring period to the first frosts, and in the house - from early spring to deep winter. Despite the fact that each individual geranium flower is not longevity, its inflorescences are kept long enough. This is due to the fact that flowers are not being blossomed at once, but one after another. Due to this, the plant always has a blossoming appearance.

Planning to grow geranium from seeds, it should bekeep in mind that its color will be much more plentiful if you grow this plant in pots as small as possible. During the spring period, it is best to expose geranium to fresh air. You can even land it in the open ground, preferably by transferring the bush - thus minimizing the risk of damage to the roots.

As a rule, the reproduction of this plant more ofteneverything happens by way of cuttings. About how to grow geranium from seeds, many growers even have no idea. If propagation is used as a propagation method, the process is slightly simplified. In addition, this option gives a full guarantee of preserving all the maternal qualities of the plant. In the event that it is planned to grow geranium from seeds, most likely the varietal qualities of the plant will be changed. However, this property can also be characterized as positive, in connection with the fact that in this case it becomes possible to grow a plant with absolutely new decorative characteristics. And this is an interesting and unpredictable moment.

It should be borne in mind that the cultivation of geranium fromSeed suggests a virtually total change in the shoot of the plant, its flowers and leaves. In other words, there is a full selection, giving a new kind of this plant.

Planning to grow geranium from seeds, everyonegardener should take note that the planting them is best in late January - early February. This is due to the fact that the period after which the plant gives the first color is 4 months. In addition, the place where the pots with geraniums will stand should be provided with good lighting. Soil, where the flowers are planned to be planted, should be sufficiently loose, fertile and contain sand and humus in its composition.

Organizing for future colors all the necessaryconditions, you can proceed to direct sowing. An important point is that, when going to grow geranium from seeds, one should remember that different varieties are to be planted in different pots. The reason for this separation lies in the fact that the time when the sprouts begin to rise occurs for different varieties with unequal periodicity. Therefore, if the seeds are placed in one container, not all of them can ascend. Before sowing, the soil is best treated with manganese solution, this will help to protect plants against possible diseases. Seeds should be laid in the soil neatly and shallowly. To do this, you can use an ordinary match - press them with it into the prepared soil, then cover it with a transparent film or glass.

Pots for geranium seeds should be small andshallow. In addition, they require drainage holes. This will allow moisture not to accumulate in the soil, which will prevent the death of sprouts. Pots are best identified in a warm and well-lit place.

It is very important to protect only the sprouting sprouts fromdirect sunlight to prevent their death. After about five leaves appear on young shoots, they can be safely transplanted into pots larger and exposed to fresh air.