What is dilapidated housing? Unfortunately, this concept is not disclosed in the legislation of the Russian Federation, although it appears in the names of both federal and local programs. In the manual, approved by Gosstroy of the Russian Federation MKD 2-04.2004, the requirements for the maintenance of an apartment building are explained, including common property, such as communications, equipment and premises in which they are located.

dilapidated housing
The order of carrying out current repairs into ensure the safety of citizens and their property. Officially, this document was not published, as it is intended for organizations that have their own housing stock, local governments, as well as various managers and servicing companies' housing funds at the request of consumers.

Methodical manual determines the state of the construction of the house as a whole:

  • the percentage of deterioration of stone buildings - above 70%;
  • the percentage of wear of wooden houses and mansards from a material of local origin is higher than 65%;
  • the main load-bearing structures retaining their strength, but whose operational requirements cease to meet the necessary requirements.

Old housing, which appears in the manualas an emergency, is considered as such, provided that more than fifty percent of residential premises and load-bearing structures endanger life and health of residents.

dilapidated and emergency housing
Since dilapidated and emergency housing is not onlyis a threat to the people living in it, but also disfigures the image of the city, the resettlement of tenants from such buildings is the main task of housing reform. Repair in such homes for decades is not carried out. According to the rules of housing maintenance, every owner in an apartment building is required to make a contribution for capital repairs and maintenance of housing in proportion to the area he occupies.

Often money from owners,intended for repairs, go into account for the maintenance of housing (the work of cleaners, janitors, locksmiths, managers, etc.), and the repair itself is not put on the list of priority tasks. If the house is run by a commercial organization, the main purpose of such an activity is to make a profit, and the money intended for repairs goes for other purposes. Thus, dilapidated housing becomes a "splinter" of housing and communal services, over which, in turn, is not properly controlled.

According to the Presidential Decree was adopted in 2010law on resettlement from dilapidated housing. On its basis, the program "Old housing" (in separate regions) was developed. But since the law does not have a clear statement about what a dilapidated housing is, in practice, everything is not so simple. To become a participant in the program, the house needs to receive the status of dilapidated and emergency housing, and if there are no criteria, then how to achieve the demolition of a house that has served its term?

program of dilapidated housing
Of course, there is an order of resettlement from the dilapidatedhousing, requiring the provision of relevant documents, on the basis of which housing is assigned a status. And if it is obvious that the house is an emergency and carries a threat to life and health, and the commission for some reason does not want to admit it, then - a direct road to the court. For the court it is necessary to indicate all the circumstances of the case, and, as practice shows, in most cases the court is on the side of the applicants. In case the court recognizes the house as an emergency, it must be demolished, and the tenants in return for the unfit for living are obliged to provide new housing in accordance with the legislation.

It should be understood that the financing of theThe resettlement of emergency and dilapidated housing is carried out at the expense of investors and budgetary funds of the regions. The situation on the ground from the financial point of view is completely different, therefore the percentage of resettlement across the country is distributed unevenly. Often, some areas, even having adopted a resettlement program, do not fulfill their obligations, referring to the lack of funds. The number of dilapidated housing is only growing, primarily due to military and post-war buildings, where repairs have not been carried out for a long time. Therefore, at the moment, the priority direction of the policy is the overhaul and liquidation of emergency and dilapidated housing.