The maintenance of grapes and care of it consist inthe formation of shrubs by cutting them. Do you want to get healthy and fruitful grapes? Pruning in the summer is capable of providing this. This procedure helps create favorable conditions for flowering, maturing and further harvesting. It also forms a bush so that it is convenient to cover the grapes in winter. Pruning in summer or spring helps to increase the yield and maturation of large clusters.

grapes pruning in summer
Most often the procedure consists of pinchingshoots on the bushes, chasing, pasynkovaniya, thinning the leaves and breaking out unnecessary dry branches. This allows you to ensure the prevention of certain types of diseases, access to sunlight to the bushes, etc. Therefore, pruning grapes in summer or spring is not limited to the same procedure.

pruning of grapes in summer

In the regions of Siberia, grapes are quite goodgrows, but pruning of vines in the spring is not carried out because of the possible loss of sap, which leads to a slowing of the bud blossoming and growth of shoots. In early June, when the sap flow is over, it will be necessary to remove those branches that have been exposed to drying and deteriorating from frost and disease. As the Germans say, "do not wait for a good harvest unless you provide grape care." Pruning in summer or spring is the part of the care that is crucial for the maturation of the future crop.

Tying the shoots is one of the main procedurescomplex maintenance and care of grapes. There are 2 types of garter: green and dry. The latter is carried out to give a particular direction to the vine (inclined, horizontal, arc or ring). In southern regions, the garter is best suited for the end of April or early May. In the more northern regions, the procedure is best conducted not earlier than the beginning of June, since the vines will not survive the spring frosts.

pruning of grapes in pictures

The procedure for the "green garter" isfixing shoots with trellis. This can be done with the help of twine, strips of film, weed stems or strawberry tendrils. For a better understanding of the process of performing these procedures, you can see how the pruning of grapes looks in the pictures.

Observance of proper care obliges you to break offshoots in the spring period twice. The first one - during bud blossoming (barren shoots are removed), the second one - after frost and garter of the vine. The procedure for pinching (removing) is carried out at the beginning of flowering. Experts believe that it is best to prepare berries for setting. Mint shoots are necessary until the appearance of the first normal sheet. For this purpose, the first or second decade of August is best suited. Adult grapes are minted if there is a strong growth of shoots, which already exceed the height of the upper trellis and begin to move away. Leaves also need thinning. A few weeks before maturing, remove some of the sheets at the base.

Performing all the necessary procedures, you canprepare for a better maturation in the fall of their grapes. Pruning in summer and in spring is a necessary "green operation". However, it should be remembered that this procedure is contraindicated for young grapes.