The architectural style of the chalet, which has become especiallypopular in the construction of country houses, reflects the desire of people to prosperity and peace, to preserve family traditions and values. Large solid homes with a gable sloping roof, built of natural stone and wood, beautifully fit into the surrounding landscape. Successfully combining simplicity and sophistication, reliability and convenience, they have been recognized in many countries, especially where severe climatic conditions require additional protection from adverse natural factors. A chalet-style house is not only a cozy, but very practical dwelling.

house in chalet style

The main features of the chalet style

Initially, the word "chalets" was called smallrural houses in the Alps, characterized by a special architecture. The homeland of the Alpine style is the south-east of France, bordering Switzerland. In a literal sense, the chalet is translated as "shepherd's hut". Residents of mountainous areas with an extremely harsh climate sought to build the most warm and reliable housing for their families.

Traditional chalet-style house was built fromlocal natural materials: a strong foundation and the ground floor of natural stone, and the subsequent tiers and mansard - from hard hardwoods (pine, larch). The sloping roof, which extends far beyond the outer walls, reliably protects the base of the house and the surrounding area from moisture, and in winter it keeps a thick layer of snow on top. This design, characteristic of the Alpine style, makes cottages easily recognizable. Snow caps in the winter unusually decorate the house in the style of the chalet, their photos resemble a fairy tale, wrapped in fluffy fur. In addition, snow reserves on the roof further insulate the attic floor, and also serve as a source of natural moisture for household needs.

House in chalet style

By the way, the attic with a sloping ceiling and a spacious terrace, which extends all over the facade of the building and is based on the construction of the ground floor, is an indispensable attribute of the Alpine style.

The nature of the Alpine house

Like every home, a chalet-style house has its owncharacter. First of all, it is characterized by simplicity, reliability and coziness. Washed by rain, fanned by the winds, it stands firmly on its base and looks like a home-guard. Alpine home is not inherent in striking luxury, but rather - wisdom and thoroughness. The appearance of the buildings has changed over time, but the chalet-style country house still remains a stronghold of comfort and coziness, able to protect not only from harsh climatic conditions, but also from psychological stresses. Laconic forms, clear lines, the romantic appearance of the house and the sweet breath of the coniferous log house give the residents a feeling of peace, stability, joy of life.

country house in chalet style

Interior decoration

House in the style of the chalet is just as simple inside asoutside. The decoration uses the same natural materials - stone and wood. The stylistics of the design has been preserved to this day: furniture from roughly processed wood, earthenware, variegated homespun carpets, various rural attributes. The traditional element of the Alpine dwelling is an elegant light fireplace, creating a romantic atmosphere. For internal planning is characterized by the presence of a large kitchen and a spacious room for recreation, the decoration of which uses the color contrast of light stone and dark wood. As a rule, the elements of decoration are devoid of pretentiousness, they are simple and subordinate to the functionality and practicality of the family way of life.

Country house in chalet style

Chalet chalet - protection against stress

Alpine-style house is a cornerpsychological comfort, such a necessary modern man living in conditions of accelerated pace and constant stress. Cottages-chalets of our time are built using new technologies and materials that in no way worsen the climate stability of buildings and do not violate the original style. This takes into account the desire of a person to live in an environmentally friendly environment. The houses are erected in picturesque places outside the city, which corresponds to the desire of Romantics to stay in warmth and comfort in the bosom of nature, among simple but made with love things.