RAL 9006 - paint, which is ideallies on metal surfaces, providing the latter with reliable protection against damage and rust. In the enamel there are initially anticorrosive compounds. Therefore, paint RAL 9006 can be applied to the surface and forget about the need to perform other finishing works.

Features of application

ral 9006
Currently available for sale paintRAL 9006 for roller and spray. If processing is subject to flat, flat surfaces, it is worth using an enamel, which is applied with a roller. In the case of brush application, it is necessary to eliminate noticeable stains left by the silvery pigment.

RAL 9006 for spray differs highercost. However, the use of this base reduces the likelihood of staining, looks extremely light and bright with an attractive silvery sheen.


Developing alkyd enamel RAL 9006, the manufacturer has provided the following areas of its application:

  • application to frame and supporting steel structures;
  • painting of metal gates, garages, hangars, fences;
  • coating production machines and equipment;
  • finishing of facades of modular buildings;
  • processing of automobile wheel disks;
  • coating of metal furniture elements.

The essence of the coloring method

Enamel RAL 9006 is applied to known cleanedmetal surfaces. During the deposition, the particles acquire a positive electric charge due to the appearance of the friction effect. The formed magnetic field attracts enamel elements on the surface of the painted product, which has a negative charge. As the paint is uniformly applied, a monolithic powder layer is formed.


paint ral 9006
The main advantage of RAL 9006 paint is the possibilitycreating a high-quality, durable coating, despite a fairly budgetary cost. The service life of such enamel when applied according to the manufacturer's requirements is on average 7-10 years.

In addition to the fact that the enamel forms a monolithic,A durable layer that effectively protects metal surfaces from the effects of moisture, all kinds of vapors do not penetrate the coating. Application of the paint allows to avoid the formation of fungi and the development of microorganisms on the processed materials.


Silvery tint, which distinguishes paintRAL 9006, remains one of the most popular on the market. There are reasons for this. The fact is that after applying the metal surfaces leave behind a natural color and texture.

When using such enamel on stainedinconspicuously dusty, all kinds of pollution, the effects of precipitation. At the same time, the sun's rays do not so significantly heat the metal, as when using paints of dark shades.