Light box today - one of the most popularways to create signage or outdoor advertising in general. Such designs can be used to achieve marketing goals, as well as for branding the facades of shops or trade and office centers. LED light boxes are one of the brightest and most memorable ones, and therefore many companies use them to attract potential customers.

Lightbox Lightbox

How to make?

This type of advertising is considered high-techa product that is collected by a specific technology. But today more and more often the light box is created independently. The essence of a lightbox is that it is a box, the front part of which is semi-transparent and made of acrylic glass. The rear panel is needed for creating structures, since it is mounted on it lamps, LED lighting and electrical wiring.

To make a lightbox by yourself, you canUse an aluminum or metal profile, which is then painted with a powder dye or laminated with a film. To apply the image, you can apply the application again from a vinyl film. Lighting on the light box is carried out with the help of fluorescent lamps, LEDs and neon tubes.

We make a lightbox with our own hands: what will be needed

So, to create an advertising box, we need to prepare certain materials and tools. Of the latter we need to stock up:

  • squeegee (rubber and felt);
  • garden sprayer;
  • stationery knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • end and circular saw;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • metal ruler.

production of lightboxes

From the materials we need to prepare:

  • a film cut on a plotter;
  • mounting film;
  • aluminum profiles - 4 pieces;
  • connecting angles - 4 pcs .;
  • fluorescent lamps - 5 pcs .;
  • wire ПВ1 and ШВВП;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • glue;
  • PVC sheet;
  • plexiglas;
  • water and Fairy.

how to make a lightbox with your own hands

Create a simple version

We will create a lightbox by ourselves simpleThe construction size of 1250 mm by 740 mm. The process will consist of several stages. First, we create a 1: 1 scale model in the Corel Draw computer program. The file for cutting on a special device - the plotter - is executed by thin contours, after which it is cut on the Oracal film. The next step: remove all letters around the graphics, all the things that we do not need. Then we put it on the film mounting - it is done from the center to the edge. Crop all unnecessary.

An important role is played by the preparation of aluminumprofile - it should be calculated taking into account the shape and length of the lamps that will be inserted into the light box. The next step is to collect three of the four parts of the box. For this, profiles and corners are used. They drill holes for self-tapping screws, with which metal elements are fixed.

At the next stage of work you need to perform a backdropour light box. To do this, we take a sheet of PVC, using a knife or saw cut the corners. We put the back in the box. To create light boxes with LED backlight, you need to purchase the appropriate lamps, as well as cartridges for them and holders.

light boxes with LED backlight

How to fix the lamp

So, after all the components in the formlamps, chokes, wiring, starters, cartridges and holders are prepared, we begin assembling our box. Cartridges are put on lamps, starters are inserted. We need to check if our system is working. After testing, you need to decide where the lamp holders and chokes will be located. We mark these places. From the PVC sheet you need to cut the chops, which will be subsequently glued to the back of the light box. With the help of screws, holders and chokes are fixed.

How to make a lightbox so it works? To do this, we cut the wiring for the lamps, then we clean the ends. Lamps need to be installed in holders. Inside the box, connect the wiring, which will be led out through the hole of the backside. The wire must be isolated. After these works are done, you need to check whether we have correctly reproduced the technology of creating the box.

light boxes

The last stage of creating a neon box

After checking the LED backlight systemyou can proceed with further work. First, you need to cut a facial. For this purpose, it is advisable to use organic glass. The corners must be rounded. From the face of the lens you need to remove the protective film, rinse it with a sprayer and rubber squeegee. Then, an image or text is inserted. The film should be carefully smoothed out, and the excess of the mounting foam is removed. To finish the lightbox with your own hands, you need to drill a few holes in the product with a diameter of up to 1 cm. They will serve as ventilation outlets and for draining moisture from the product.

Which mistakes?

As you can see, the production of lightboxes is not thatdifficult work, especially if you know the technology of implementation and the sequence of work. However, when creating a box for the first time, errors can hardly be avoided. First, the most common problem is the lack of glow of the lamps. This indicates that the network is either incorrectly connected or not closed. So, we check carefully whether the connection is made correctly, how securely the cartridges and starters are attached, and also, if necessary, we change the lamps.

The second problem is the uneven placement of the film,resulting in bubbles or points. This indicates that there is air or dust under it. It is necessary to remove air from the bubbles, and replace poor-quality parts of the film.

How to make a lightbox with your own hands, so that allThe design was complete and complete? To do this, you need to carefully consider the correspondence of the angles to each other. In addition, the box should close well without any effort.

Outdoor advertising: how to attract attention?

As you know, it is outdoor advertising that draws attention toitself the attention of casual passers-by. To make it quality, you need to correctly approach its design. For example, light boxes with LED backlighting are a good solution. As a rule, it is a signboard of a rectangular or figured design, which additionally has an internal glow. As the front part of the box you can use a variety of materials. For example, many choose a translucent banner, but for its arrangement requires a special rigid construction. And the most popular material is milk acrylic:

- Firstly, it dispels light;

- Secondly, the illumination turns out to be even.

LED light boxes

If the front part of the light box is largerthree meters, it is advisable to use cellular polycarbonate. It is light and economical, but it can deform under the influence of temperature, and the honeycomb structure is easily clogged. Economical alternative to acrylic is polystyrene. True, it is more fragile and subject to environmental factors.

How to apply an image to light boxes?

Light boxes, which are quite possiblehold and independently, can have different designs. In this case, the image on them, as a rule, is applied in the same way. For a drawing on the front part, a translucent film with a seal or a vinyl-based application is used. The first variant is more subject to influences, and also does not differ the big brightness, thus the color quickly burns out. Vinyl applique is a better material, which, when illuminated, shows good brightness. But such a film is more expensive, and even with its installation problems can arise.

For the manufacture of the back of the box most oftenUse sheets of galvanized steel, which are characterized by high strength and resistance to corrosion. In addition, this is the most optimal option in terms of price solutions. Sometimes the manufacture of light boxes is based on the use of plastic, composite panels and other non-transparent materials of sheet form.

Backlight: possible options

For illumination in light boxes canused, first, fluorescent lamps. They are inexpensive, and the light will be dissipating. The second possible option is LED strips, which are energy-efficient and durable. The third one is neon illumination, which is most often used in the arrangement of curly light boxes, that is, constructions of non-standard form.

Light box in photo art

lightbox for a subject survey

Many amateur photographers and master of photography dream ofto create accessories for your hobby with your own hands and save on costs. For example, a lightbox for a subject survey is just a necessary thing, because with its help you can make an image better and place accents on it. In addition, the task of the light box is to mix and diffuse directional light so that the picture is without shadows. To create such a lightbox we will need:

  • simple cardboard box;
  • sheet of Whatman;
  • food parchment;
  • lighting;
  • power buttons.

We take the box and cut it all unnecessary. We attach a sheet of paper with the buttons. Cut through the sides and top of the window neatly covered with tracing paper and fix it again with power buttons. We collect lighting devices and install them on the sides - where the slots are closed with tracing paper. The design is ready for use! Note that it takes half an hour to create it, provided that all materials and tools are prepared in advance.

However, to exploit such a cardboardthe light box needs to be neat. Firstly, heating devices are best placed on stands to avoid heating. Secondly, before you shoot, measure the white balance on the paper, while do not forget to turn on the floodlights. This is necessary in order to avoid spreading the shades.