The company "Technonikol" is one of the most popular in Russia among manufacturers of building materials. Among the thermal insulation is worth mentioning the minivat "Technoblock".

technical standard technical specifications

Technoblock and its types

"Technoblock" - mineral wool board, in the compositionwhich includes basalt fibers. Used for insulation of buildings when installing laminated masonry or for decorative decoration of facades. Due to special additives "Technoblock" has better characteristics in comparison with usual mineral wool. Its advantages are as follows:

  1. Does not absorb moisture.
  2. Does not burn.
  3. It has a high density.
  4. It has high strength.
  5. Passes the air.
  6. Has a long service life.
  7. Just mounted.
  8. It is a good heat and sound insulator.
  9. Not afraid of rodents and insects.

Of the disadvantages can be identified only a relatively high cost. Depending on the density, three types of material are distinguished:

  • "Technoblock Standard". Technical characteristics of this type depend on its density, which is 40-50 kg / m3. This indicator allows the material to compress up to 10% of the volume under the influence of the load.
  • "Optima". Has a density of 60 kg / m3. It shrinks under the load by only 8%. Has the property of completely recovering its form.
  • "Technoblock Prof". Compressed by only 5% of the volume. Its density is 65-70 kg / m3.

heater technoblock standard

Technoblock Standard: technical specifications

A heater of this type is produced in the formblocks in the size 100х50х3 cm and 120х60х20 cm. Despite the great thickness, the material is cut easily with the use of scissors or a knife. This greatly simplifies the installation process. "Technoblock Standard", the technical characteristics of which correspond to GOST, is a good heat insulator and noise absorber. It is resistant to chemicals, moisture, the effects of microorganisms and rodents.

Material does not burn, but can withstand temperaturerange from minus 60 to plus 200 degrees. The service life reaches 80 years. "Technoblock Standard", the technical characteristics of which are preserved throughout their life, can be used in various areas:

  1. In the construction of housing and industrial buildings.
  2. As the central layer of laminated masonry.
  3. As a heater of frame walls, facades, cellars, attics, garages and so on.

technical standard technical specifications

Using "Technoblock"

Heat insulation "Technoblock Standard" fits intocleaned surface. A frame is mounted on the wall, into which the thermal insulation is placed. Preliminary on the mineral wool mat and the wall, the adhesive composition is applied. After the solution has dried, the heaters are additionally fastened with dowels, based on a calculation of 5-8 pieces per 1 m2. Over the "Technoblock" is rolled waterproofing to protect against moisture. It can be applied on plaster.