Monarda - a beautiful plant that has not onlyaesthetic properties, but also therapeutic. In our country the monarch appeared a very long time ago. Initially, it was grown as a decorative plant and a source of essential oil. Although the plant is not very elegant and elegant, its inflorescences are very attractive. In the century before last, the monarch was mistaken for bergamot, as the plants are very similar in flavor.

monad landing and care
Monard, landing and care of which will bring onepleasure, is the representative of the family Gubotsvetnye. This plant is herbaceous. Homeland monarchs consider Mexico and the territory of North America. According to available data, the genus includes several dozen species, most of which are perennials. The trunks and branches of the monarch die in the spring, while the root remains alive. When the snow comes down, the ground part begins to grow again.

The monarch's stem reaches a height of one and a half meters. It is straight and branched. The leaves are lanceolate, slightly elongated. Flowers are collected in inflorescences and are located on the stem in turn. The plant blooms in the middle of summer. By autumn it is fading.

Monard. Planting and care. Cultivation

monad photo
This plant is considered unpretentious. To the soil it is not demanding, however it negatively transfers too crude or sour soil. Grow monarch needs with fertilizers in a sunny place. You can also plant the plant in a slightly shaded area. A few years after planting, the bush already has about 200 peduncles, but by the age of six the flowering is gradually fading. Popular monsters include: "Snow White", "Mahogens", "Adam" and others.

Monard. Planting and care. Reproduction

The monarch reproduces by means of seeds, whichare sown in open ground. In most cases (if done correctly) shoots appear after 2 weeks. Among other ways of reproduction, monads can be noted reproduction of pruned roots with buds and division of the bush. The latter is best done in the springtime.

Monard. Planting and care. Application

Monard can often be found in privategardens or on urban flower beds. As already mentioned, the plant is unpretentious. Monard, planting and caring for which does not cause the gardener any problems, has been popular for a long time.

Properties of the plant

monad landing
It has long been known that the monarch (see photo inarticle) has antiseptic properties. The leaves of the flower are used to treat wounds and various skin infections. Tincture of the monarch has long been used to treat the oral cavity, improve the gums and teeth, getting rid of headaches. In addition, there were instances of using the monarch as a stimulant. All this is due to the fact that the plant contains a natural antiseptic.

At present, the monarch (planting and care,by the way, greatly affect its properties) is actively used in aromatherapy. Dry flowers and leaves exude an unforgettable aroma! Stems and flowers of this plant can often be found in compositions of dried flowers. Fresh sheets are used even in cooking, so planting a monad in your garden will bring only a positive result!