Care of bushes and trees includes one of the important elements - pruning. This is quite a difficult job, requiring knowledge of agricultural technology of the appropriate wood or berry bushes.

Care of bushes
Of course, when processing, they give the tree the rightform, remove broken or diseased branches, but its main purpose is not this. In trees and shrubs, if they are not trimmed in time, yields decrease over time, the quality of fruits deteriorates, the periodicity of fruiting changes, and winter hardiness decreases.

This type of processing of trees is aimed at artificially delaying the growth of some branches and increasing the growth of those necessary for the formation of the tree crown and increasing its yield afterwards.

Basic pruning of fruit trees and berryshrubs are held in early spring. But over the summer, many breeds intensively increase annual shoots, which do not always grow in the right direction, and some branches fall ill or break for different reasons.

Pruning trees in autumn
Therefore, trees are pruned in the autumn, when the leaf fall is over, and with it the vegetative period.

It is especially useful to subject this treatment to winter-resistant varieties of apples if a very frosty winter is expected.

Fruit trees in autumn are thinningcrowns and shortening of shoots. Caring for shrubs also involves pruning in the fall. They need an autumn pruning even more than trees. It is carried out in order to improve fruiting berry bushes. With the help of pruning, shrubs are formed, thinned and rejuvenated.

Pruning is the main element that constitutes care for the currant. This kind of processing must be subjected to all its varieties.

Care of the currant
Especially it is necessary for a black currant. First, starting from the second year after planting, it is necessary to cut out new shoots, leaving three to five of them strong and healthy. So it is necessary to do every fall until the bush has 15-18 strong uneven shoots. Usually the formation of a black currant bush ends at the age of five. Next, it remains to cut out the old shoots in spring, which can easily be distinguished by the black color of the bark. Since the branches of the black currant are not prone to strong branching, they can be slightly shortened. Caring for shrubs of white and red currants also consists in the formation of shrubs within five to six years, in the removal of weak annual shoots and cutting out the obsolete, diseased and unnecessary branches. There comes a time when the aging currant bushes stop growing new shoots. Then they are subjected to completely rejuvenating pruning. It consists in cutting out half of the old shoots to the soil level in the spring. Prishpilivayutsya to the ground those shoots that had a good growth last year, and the youngest branches. The next year, all the remaining old branches are deleted. Next, the rejuvenated currant bushes are subjected to conventional pruning.

Thus, caring for shrubs is necessary in order to maintain a good annual fruiting.