Most men, doing household work onhouse, do not pay much attention to the accuracy of the threaded connections. As a rule, all of them are tightened with the usual keys to the limit, but, in principle, at home it is quite normal. High accuracy of torque is necessary mainly in the assembly of equipment. Therefore, in carrying out assembly work, a specialist must have at least a torque wrench, not to mention the whole set of similar tools.

Purpose of torque wrenches

Torque wrench
In the process of designing machinery, equipment andall that has a threaded connection, engineers provide a torque value for each connection. Violation of these values ​​will entail a violation of the assembly technology, and as a result, some threaded connections will be undershot, while others are jammed. The consequences of the unscrewed nut due to weak tightening can be serious, depending on the equipment. But it's impossible to determine the value of torque by sight, and it will not be possible to make special markings for this. Only a dynamometer instrument is able to solve this problem.

Tips for beginners

Since the torque wrench is rarely usedto solve domestic technical issues, not everyone knows how to use it. This key is not enough to be able to twist, you need to know how to measure the value of torque.

Torque wrench instruction
For those who buy a torque wrench,the instruction will tell you what simple tricks you can do with it. But in fact, everything is very simple and understandable even for beginner technicians. But first you need to choose the type of key. They are of two types: limit and indicator. Indicator keys differ from the type of indicator showing the value of torque: arrow, scale and, of course, digital.

Torque type limit wrenchIt is designed for fast tightening of any threaded connections. The principle of its operation is based on the fact that the required torque value is precisely set on it, and it will not be possible to exceed this value, and therefore all that is needed is to screw the key to the set limit. This tool is used when it is necessary to tighten a large number of threaded joints with the same torque value. The dial key shows the torque value only during tightening. The main precaution when operating with a dial and spanner key is not to exceed the maximum torque so as not to damage the key mechanism.

Dynamometer tool

Indicator type torque wrenchIt is intended for the most exact tightening of threaded connections. It is most convenient to use the key with the indicator tool, but if there is not one under the hand, then the scaling and arrowheads are just as accurate, you just need to know how to use them. The arrow key has two arrows showing the minimum value of torque and the maximum, respectively. Orientation on them, you can achieve the maximum accuracy of tightening.