Robot vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000 is not newproduct. It was launched in 2003. Some argue that this "obsolete" design can not compete with modern robotic vacuums using the latest technology for home navigation (SLAM, cameras, etc.). According to the buyers who fell into this trap, they later regretted the time and money spent, as these toys have to be cleaned after each session of their work. It is clear that 100% of the autonomous vacuum cleaner is not on the market, but users are buying them because they want to see a device that approaches as much as possible to complete independence. So, in spite of its technological "backwardness", the Karcher RC 3000 copes with this task perfectly.

Buyers of robotic vacuum cleaners who have experienceoperation of the newest technologies, confirm that they are good at navigating around the house, but they have to be cleaned after each use. Moreover, in addition to emptying the dust collector, they have to clean the brush, release hard-to-reach places from the stuffed hair, etc. In addition, this technique often breaks down for various reasons. In order for the vacuum cleaner to work in "hard" conditions (for example, in rooms with pets), some components must be replaced. Some do not face such problems, but their cup of patience is overwhelmed by the fact that, in addition to the inconvenience of daily maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, all the changes that need to be made for its normal operation significantly increase its initial cost.

karcher rc 3000

History of Kärcher

The company was founded by a German inventorAlfred Kercher in 1935. Among other things, the company was engaged in the production of equipment for hardening of steel, heating devices for aircraft engines and cabin heating systems.

In 1950 Kercher made a breakthrough in cleaning technology, creating the first in Europe machine for hot cleaning of high pressure. Innovation has become a growth factor for the company. Only in 2011, it launched the production of 100 new products. The world leader in the market of cleaning technologies continues to differ in ingenuity, high productivity and innovative methods of solving problems.

First meeting

The user of the vacuum cleaner confuses the stereotype,according to which, all robotic devices must remain connected to their base in order for their batteries to be charged. After the Karcher RC 3000 completes the cleaning cycle, and it is fully charged, the robot detaches from the station and keeps to one side until it becomes necessary. You might think that something happened to the device, but in fact this behavior is normal.

When the RC 3000 LEDs are off, it is on theBusiness does not work! Nothing drains the batteries, no IR sensors, no timers, no software, like some other robotic devices. Reading the manual and contacting the support team confirmed that this is actually the normal behavior of RoboCleaner.

robot vacuum cleaner karcher rc 3000

Parking space

If it is necessary for the device to interrupt cleaningafter the next charging cycle, you need to press the "robot parking" button. The indicator is activated. After its next return to the base, the vacuum cleaner is emptied and charged. Then the RC 3000 switches off and stops before the station.

Buyers say that one should be carefulwhen cleaning the debris detectors. Accidental use of wet wipes can result in the robot stopping after charging, with a flashing red LED. Only after the dust-covered IR sensors were wiped with an antistatic cloth used for computer monitors, the problem was solved. It should also be used to clean other sensors.


Karcher Robocleaner RC 3000 is packed ina shipping box with a company logo, inside which is the main box with colorful graphics and specifications of the robot. The vacuum cleaner is packed very well, which protects it from any possible trouble on the way. The robot and the station are packed in polyethylene film.

karcher robocleaner rc 3000


After opening the box, you can find the base station. On the other hand, there is a package with the robot itself, and below it is a platform that is easily attached to the base.

In addition, there is a thick user guide in many languages, a store sticker and information about the service.


The guide covers everything from the initialinstallation, positioning base, parking before the description of the RC 3000 and its parts. In addition, there is an extensive troubleshooting guide in case the device starts flashing red LED or if all indicators on the base light up. At the beginning of the manual, there is a quick link with pictures that are easy to follow.

robot vacuum cleaner karcher rc 3000 reviews noiseless mode how to turn on

Base station

The base is very light and easy to move withpens. In the lower part there is space for placing excess sagging cable. It should be attached to the platform, which is not difficult, since the user's guide perfectly illustrates this process.

A vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000 is a light roundrobot. Along the edges, he has a rubber bumper that protects furniture, etc., and there are also several rubber bumpers protruding from above, so that the device does not get stuck under the furniture.

There is a power button and twoLED (red and green). The robot Karcher RC 3000 is equipped with four sensors, preventing it from falling down the stairs. There is also an infrared sensor window for searching the base, as well as an IR sensor in the dust collection compartment, warning of its filling and transmitting information to the program for starting the required mode of operation.

robot vacuum cleaner karcher rc 3000 reviews

Robot vacuum cleaner "Kercher RC 3000" (reviews): silent mode how to include?

RC 3000 is very quiet when cleaning the house. Much quieter than analogues in the market. The base operates loudly, as a typical vertical vacuum cleaner. But it only lasts about 30 seconds after the robot returns to the station to get rid of debris and recharge. The base can be made quieter by reducing the vacuum created. To switch to silent mode, just press the Quiet mode button. The control LED will light up. But the performance will also decrease. After the 8-hour timer has tripped, the base station returns to normal mode again.

Types of cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is programmed on the base. The robot is configured for 4 different cleaning modes (this happens automatically, depending on the data received from the dust collector sensor):

  1. Regular cleaning. The vacuum cleaner operates in a random mode at normal speed.
  2. A spot of dirt. The device moves slowly through the contaminated area.
  3. Very dirty spot. The robot slowly moves back and forth across the dirty area.
  4. Extremely very dirty surface. The device slowly in the radial direction passes through the zone, describing the star.

The base monitors the duration of the vacuum cleaner and informs him either about the need to continue it after emptying or charging, or about stopping it, giving the command to park.

Moving around the house

The robot vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000 is considered "stupid"because of the simple random method of harvesting that he uses. If he encounters an obstacle, he simply changes direction in an arbitrary order. Some argue that this type of navigation is ineffective when cleaning the house.

However, despite this, the vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000user reviews are called perfectly coping with their responsibilities. He removes very well - this can be seen with the naked eye. True, the corners remain uncleared, since the device does not have a side rotating brush.

Waste container

In comparison with other brands, the dust collector RC 3000 is rather small (0.2 liters). But this does not present a problem, since after its filling the robot returns to the base to automatically release it.

vacuum cleaner karcher rc 3000

Preparing the house before starting

This task is important both for othersrobotic vacuum cleaners, and for the usual. It is necessary to lift from the floor all loose objects (toys, cables, carpets with long tassels, clothes, etc.). Users note that mats with a fringe of 5 cm long represent an insuperable obstacle for the vacuum cleaner. Before leaving they need to be removed.


Charging the battery may take up to 60 minutes(usually at the first connection). If the charge falls below a certain level during harvesting, the robot will start searching for the base. As soon as it docks, its dust collector will be released for about 30 seconds, and then charging begins, as indicated by a flashing green LED.


The Karcher RC 3000 can not be programmed in advance,that some scares. However, many users do not see a problem in this. It is enough simply to turn on the robot right before leaving, and set the time of its operation, for example, for 6 hours.

Database search

The location of the base station has a decisiveThe impact on whether the robot can constantly return to it. It is best to set it facing the corridor leading to the other rooms. The device easily overcomes the thresholds during the cleaning of the living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen, and also easily moves between rooms. According to user feedback, the robot successfully docks to the base in 100% of cases. If the device does not find the station for some time, it turns off the garbage collection system and focuses on finding the base.

robot karcher rc 3000


If you plan to store the device for a long time,then this should be done with fully charged batteries. If you try to start after a long break, the vacuum cleaner does not work (the batteries are exhausted), then follow the instructions for charging them.


Robot vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000 reviewsusers find it fairly easy to maintain. The manual describes how to open the dust cover, remove or clean the flat filter, and how to remove or clean the brush.

In addition, it states that it is necessary to clean the lower sensors. True, it is not specified how often this should be done. It is clear that this depends on the house.

Maintenance of the base is also uncomplicated. The LED lights when it's time to replace the bag. You just need to pull it out, and put another one in its place. After 5 bags, replace the engine filter (it is included).


  • The harvesting capacity is 15 m² / h.
  • The operating time on one charge is up to 1 hour.
  • Engine power - 600 Watts.
  • Charging time - up to 20 min.
  • The volume of the dust container (robot / base) is 0.2 / 2 liters.
  • Noise level in quiet mode 54 dB.
  • The dimensions of the RoboCleaner / base are 285 x 105 mm / 500 x 250 x 230 mm
  • Weight RoboCleaner / base - 2 / 5.8 kg.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive sides:

  • Batteries are more than 5 years old. According to feedback from users, even after this period, the vacuum cleaner is able to work for 20-30 minutes.
  • There is no need for daily maintenance. Simply press the button to start the device.
  • Karcher RC 3000 is quieter than its competitors.
  • There is no need to clean the waste container.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not need to be cleaned with a brush as often as others (just once every two weeks).
  • Despite the random navigation, moves well. Docked in 100% of cases.
  • He does his job well, not worse than his competitors.
  • Does not damage the furniture.
  • Hair is not wound on the edges of the brush.


  • The robot does not have a side brush that could improve the quality of the cleaning.
  • The schedule can not be set.
  • The only way to prevent the robot from cleaningroom - this is to close the door. If you do not want a certain part of the room to be removed, you'll have to come up with a way to impact the bumper, for example, using a board.


Vacuum cleaner Karcher RC 3000 - yellow robot vacuum cleaner,sound and reliable. The manufacturer has created exactly what many users are looking for - minimum maintenance with good floor cleaning, especially from pet and garbage wool. The robot does not get stuck anywhere. It is enough to press the button, so that the device does its job during the day, without worrying about cleaning its brush for at least two weeks. The vacuum cleaner perfectly moves around the apartment and always finds the base station. The package for garbage can often not be changed.

The support service of the company works flawlessly. Consumables in the vacuum cleaner are disposable base station garbage bags, batteries, and probably a brush (although users in the forums have never mentioned the need to replace it).

If you calculate how many parts you havereplace for 5 years of operation of robotic vacuum cleaners of other manufacturers, then you can be horrified by the amount of money spent. "Kerher" is more expensive only at the very beginning, but it will be cheaper if you consider the purchase of spare parts and consumables for its competitors.