Garden decorators with special pleasureuse a plant such as Geiger. Planting and care, photos - all recommendations can be found in specialized literature. Its leaves amaze the imagination with their multicolor. They are not only ordinary green, but also white, cream, red, purple, brown, gray, silvery - all these shades are combined in various combinations.

Geikher planting and care
Geicher is a perennial plant fromfamily of saxifrage. Her homeland was the west of the Northern States of America. This flower is distinguished by its exquisite beauty and decorative. He blooms from early spring until the cold comes. That is why geyheru very often planted on flowerbeds on the front side, on the central paths. Successful neighbors will be rockeries and rock gardens.

Geikher planting and care photo
Geiger, the cultivation of which will be fullydepend on the landing site, gives bright leaves. However, with the wrong choice, the plant can not be long to please the eye. There are a lot of different recommendations on this issue. Some advise to choose for them the sunny side, others, on the contrary, shadow. For most species, a half-shaded area is suitable, on which the sun is only in the morning hours. However, if the plant is young, it is recommended to choose an open solar area that will be well protected from wind and cold.

Geiger, landing and care for which in general is not sothey are very complex, can grow beautifully in various garden areas. However, it is best to give preference to soil, which is easy, nutritious and well drained. If the water stagnates after rain or snow, it is better to refuse to plant the crop in a similar place. Such a soil will lead to decay of the roots of the plant, and this, respectively, will ruin the geicher entirely.

geiger cultivation
Originally it was mountainous. In such soil, there are few nutrients. Therefore, for cultivated varieties do not need constant feeding. Only occasionally it is possible to use mineral fertilizers, for which it will be grateful to the Geiger. Planting and care are different in that when using fertilizers it is necessary to reduce their concentration by half as compared to conventional garden crops. In this case, it is better to give the plant somewhat less than required, rather than vice versa. With watering should also not zealous. Remember: the roots are very sensitive. Geiger from unpretentious plants, so the conditions that are necessary for quality of life, it is easy to achieve. Sufficiently deep drainage, diffuse shadow and water-permeable soil. Geiger, planting and caring for which is not very difficult, requires hilling once a year. This is due to the fact that the grounds are growing over the soil, and not in it.

Decorative plant sockets can berejoice for 3-5 years, rarely this time is exceeded. After the breakup of the bush begins, the middle is bare. Therefore, it is often necessary to transplant geyher. If your culture requires rejuvenation, then you need to dig a plant and divide into several parts that will be transplanted into a separate bush. This procedure is best done in the spring. Geiger, planting and caring for which have some features, will get well in the new soil.