When installing the entrance or interior doorsgreat attention is required door hardware: hinges, handles, locks, where the first - the most important element of any door. After all, without handles and locks, doors can still function, but without loops - in any way. Moreover, the quality of the door structure depends on the material and its quality: its "landing" in the door frame, opening. Therefore, first of all, when selecting a door, you must pay special attention to the hinges.

Door hinges
Door hinges are made for metaldoors, metal-plastic, glass and doors made of wood. Also they all differ in the way of construction and the type of attachment. According to the type of fastening the hinges can be screwed and hinged. Screw-in door hinges are a fairly simple design, which consists of two cylindrical parts, each of which is soldered screws. This is a fairly organic design. One part of such loops is fixed on the door leaf (screwed by means of rods), and the other - on the door frame, and then the door is simply put on. If necessary, it can easily be removed.

Door hinge hardware
Hinged door hinges differ from invertedway of fastening. One of the plates is mounted on the door leaf with screws, and then the door is mounted to the door frame. Such loops have a clear advantage and at the same time a drawback: the door from them is very difficult to remove. By the design method, hinged door hinges are universal (one-piece) and detachable. Universal are a flexible structure, which can equally easily be attached to the right and left side of the door leaf. But if you want to remove the door, you have to unscrew them all. The detachable hinges are better in this respect. If you need to remove them from the door, you just need to lift it, and you do not need to unscrew it. They are divided into right and left. Therefore, even before the purchase of detachable loops, it is important to think about where the door will open and in which direction, taking into account all possible nuances.

Door Hinge
The loops for inputdoors. Due to the constant high load, the door hinges must meet high quality standards. First of all, they provide security for the home, and therefore are equipped with a detachable mechanism. Such a mechanism works very simply: on one of the wings of the loop there is a small hole, and on the other there is a ledge under it. With the door closed, the protrusion tightly enters the hole, and it is not possible to raise the door. It is also necessary that the design of the hinge itself be reinforced, the fittings for the input unit must be longer, and the material from which it is made is the strongest. The door hinge can be made of copper, aluminum or iron alloys. Most often used brass (copper alloy with zinc) and stainless steel. To strength values ​​were higher, alloys of steel or zinc are also used, and on top the product is covered with brass.

How to choose the right type of hinge? There are several criteria. First, the end of the door and the hinges must be structurally matched. Secondly, they must withstand the weight of the door. In addition, you need to consider their durability. It depends on how often the door will be used. The most wear-resistant loops are those that are made of steel with bearings. And, finally, the hinges should have an aesthetic appearance. Various caps and patches allow them to decorate.