In the suburbs you can and need to grow pears. The main thing is to know which varieties are best suited for this, in what places and soils this culture prefers to grow. Planting pears in the autumn in the suburbs has several nuances. They are important to consider when carrying out this type of work.


Planting of pears in autumn in the Moscow region begins withselection of varieties. They should be adapted to the natural conditions of the middle band. It is also important to determine when you want to harvest, as there are summer, autumn and winter varieties. Of course, the latter are named this way not because fruits ripen in the winter, they appear much earlier - in the early to mid-autumn, but reach their technical ripeness later, due to which they are well kept until the middle of winter.

landing of pears in the autumn in the suburbs

The harvest from the trees of summer varieties you will get alreadyend of July to August. Remove it in the middle - the end of August, giving the fruits a good ripe. In September, harvest the fruits of autumn, and in late September, early October - winter varieties.

If you want to eat sweet fruits,plant "dessert", "fret", "inch". These are summer types of pears. "Children's" will please with fragrant juicy not very large fruits in July. "Lada" - in the middle of August. This species is distinguished by increased winter hardiness, fruits also have excellent taste, the tree begins to bear fruit already at the age of 4 years. Resistance to scab - another excellent quality of this variety.

"Thumbelina" is recommended to grow in the southMoscow region. The harvest ripens to the middle of autumn and is kept until November. The fruits of the "memory of PN Yakovlev" also lay until November, and "Zhegalov's memory" - until February.

Select a location

Young trees can be planted in spring and autumn. In the first case, you need to do this before the hot days and the full opening of the leaves in late April or early May. In the second period, gardeners have more time - from early September to late October. Planting pears in autumn in the suburbs is preferable, the trees will have quite a lot of time to settle down and winter.

how to plant a pear in autumn

It is important to place the seedlings wherever they aregrow well and bear fruit. These trees do not like lowlands and places with high groundwater levels. Therefore, it is better to plant them on a small hill. But on high hills, blown by the winds, they can not be placed. It is better to arrange where the wall of the building will be closed from the northern winds of the pear.

Landing technology

Planting of pears in the autumn in the Moscow region begins withdigging a hole with a diameter of 80-1000, and a depth of 70 cm. If there is a high groundwater level on the site, make the pit shallow, 40 cm is enough. In such a place, you plant a seedling on an artificially created hill. Drain lay aside, it is still useful.

Fill the landing pit with mineral andorganic fertilizers. Put 2-3 buckets of humus or ripe compost into it, along a bucket of sand and peat, lay the turf. If the soil is sandy or peaty, it is necessary to put a little clay on the bottom of the pit to hold water. Add 4 tablespoons nitrofoski, mix with organic. Speaking about how to properly plant a pear in the autumn, it should be noted that the ground in the hollow should be shaped like a mound, put a seedling on it, spreading the roots. Place a peg near it, tie a young tree to it.

Fill the pit with fertile soil, tamp itfoot, giving this place the shape of a small pointed mountain. Planting pears in the fall in the suburbs includes abundant watering. One sapling will need 3 buckets. First pour one, let the water soak, then the next.

], how to plant a pear in autumn

If you plant a pear with a closed root system, pre-moisten with earthen litter, dip it into the pit very carefully, so that the soil does not fall off the roots.

Care of the pear in the autumn

A new inhabitant of the garden needs to be properlyprepare for the winter. Beat its trunk and part of the branches adjacent to it. This will help the tree survive the thaw and spring temperature changes. They do this every year, otherwise the tree bark will crack when there are minus temperatures in March and positive temperatures in the daytime.

To pear better winter, in October you needwell moisten the root zone, pouring under the young 3, and under the old 5-6 buckets of water. The best winter hardiness is facilitated by the introduction of potash and phosphorus fertilizers. They are given 2-3 years after planting. Dissolve in 3 liters of boiling water 2 tbsp. l. double superphosphate and a glass of ash. Add 5 liters of water to the solution, pour into the moistened tree trunk. One such feeding is done in the middle of August, the other in the middle of September.

How to save a young tree from frost and rodents

To protect the seedling from freezing will helpsimple reception. Tie a few branches of the tin bark to the trunk, placing them close to each other. This way will be another point to address the issue of how to properly plant a pear in the fall. For saplings in winter, not only frosts are dangerous, but also rodents who like to feast on the bark of young trees. These can be mice living on your or a nearby site. If the garden is close to the forest, in the cold season, rabbits can also come running, who too will not deny themselves the pleasure of chewing bark. If there is no possibility to tie a barrel with a burrs, use old nylon stockings or pantyhose.

How to form a tree

After the harvest is harvested, the followingimportant thing - pruning pears in the fall. The scheme will simplify the task, but without it, it is easy to understand the principles of this operation. Of course, it is better to remove the excess in the spring, before the sap flow, this is the end of March - the beginning of April. But in autumn it is possible to shorten branches, the main thing is that they should be small. Then the tree is least painful survive the haircut. And remember, there should be a sparing pear cropping in the fall.

pruning pear in the fall scheme

The scheme will show that in the first year it is necessaryto shorten the trunk, cutting off its fourth part. This will help to form a branched crown. Lateral shoots cut very little, you need a sharp pruner to remove their ends before the first strong kidney.

The next year, shorten the barrel by 25 cm, andlateral shoots - by 5-7. Form the crown in such a way that the lower branches are larger than the upper branches and are at an obtuse angle. In the following years, you will remove new branches that are old competitors, cutting the first closer to the trunk, but this operation should be carried out in the spring.

grooming care in autumn

Here's how to properly plant a pear in the fall and form a strong tree that will bear abundant fruit almost every year.