A modern hydraulic pump is capable oftransformation of hydraulic and mechanical energy. Manufacturers of such equipment have significantly simplified the design of the high-pressure device. The number of parts included in its composition decreased, which had a positive effect on its reliability and resource, while the cost of production became much lower. Hydraulic pumps are manufactured with constant rigid quality control, which allows to guarantee their uninterrupted and sufficiently long work.

Hydraulic pump
At the moment, these devices are presented in several versions:

- axial-piston devices with an inclined disc and a block with a maximum working pressure of 32 MPa, and a working volume of up to 130 cubic centimeters;

- piston pumps with an inclined block and washer,the maximum working pressure of which is 32 MPa, and the working volume - up to 150 cubic centimeters, with regulation by means of different types of control;

- Gear pumps are devices withinclined block and washer, unregulated, with three sections, the maximum working pressure of which is 32 MPa, and the working volume - up to 87 cubic centimeters;

- Radial piston;

- lamellar;

- combined.

Hydraulic pump price
Buying a hydraulic pump, the price of which is from 3500 rubles, it is worth paying attention to the important criteria:

- type of drive;

- the maximum noise level;

- type of liquid used for work;

- expected life expectancy;

- availability of service;

- ease of installation;

- the required operating pressure range.

- parameters of operating temperatures;

- interval of rotation frequencies.

Hydraulic pump has certainadvantages. Between the cavities of the device there is no direct contact, which makes it possible to effectively use it in systems under high pressure conditions. The hydraulic pump is characterized by such parameters as the working volume, by which is meant the amount of liquid that it is able to displace in one revolution of the shaft, the speed of rotation and operating pressure. All these indicators are very important for determining the appropriate model for the purchase.

High pressure hydraulic pump
High pressure hydraulic pumpis used in many industries. They convert high pressure into a powerful water stream. This makes it possible to provide a large jet with a small amount of liquid. The pump is simple in terms of operation, as it sucks in water, and does not need to be fed under pressure. Rugged construction, light weight and dimensions, as well as low liquid consumption make the operation of this device as economical as possible. Since there are no external rotating elements, this device is small in size at high power.

Hydraulic pump is a device that has foundthe widest application for daily street washing, as well as for other jobs where high water pressure may be required. Even for industrial applications, these devices are quite powerful.