The first spray gun was invented by Thomas deWilbiss in the early twentieth century. Since then, it has changed a lot, which is due to the following factors: productivity, spraying method, type of feed, way of forming an air torch, kind of paintwork material.


It is worthwhile to consider a manual spray gun with varioussystems of pneumatic spraying for the purposes of auto repair. While the pistols of different systems are similar in appearance, they differ in the design of air channels, as well as in the structure of the head. This is understandable, because it makes no sense to change the once developed body of a paint spray gun, excellent design and thoughtful ergonomics.

spray gun manual

A manual spray gun can use one of theseveral ways of supplying paints and varnishes. When forced by the pump, the pressure is increased several times, after which the substance is fed to the nebulizer. This method is suitable for those places where it is required to paint large areas with one color for a long time. A manual spray gun with a lower tank is recommended for painting large parts, for example, sidewalls of freight vans or body entirely homogeneous monophonic enamels.

Manual spray gun

Modern auto repair shops and dealershipsrepair of bodies build the work of the paint and body area so that quickly learn a large amount of small daily repairs. The car moves from delivery to delivery in accordance with the following scheme: reinforcing, tin, painting area, again reinforcing, so as not to lose time in the intermediate clarifiers. Such conditions allow you to maximally load the camera with removable elements, painted in different colors for one cycle of work.

Features of the structure

The manual spray gun has the following deviceand the principle of work. The design of the device is as simple as possible: it uses a cylindrical body where a plunger pump is placed, which is activated by pressing the handle, and the hose is connected to two hoses. One is used to suck material from a bucket or other container, and the second is equipped at the end with a fixed gun to spray the composition onto the surface.

Manual spray gun

To operate the spray gun manuallyKRDP, it is necessary to create pressure through a series of clicks on the handle. The valve is opened when the handle is lifted, while the external container is fed to the tank of the device, after which the suction hose should be pulled out of the container with paint, and then pumped air inside the device. When it is filled, the composition can be sprayed by opening the handle of the ball valve, which is located at the outlet. It also allows you to adjust the paint consumption and the intensity of its supply.

Everything is provided

Usually a manual spray gun is equipped with along handle-rod, which allows standing on the ground to paint walls and other structures, the height of which is up to four meters. Wheels can be provided in the construction of the device for the convenience of its movement through the building site.