A huge number of people choose the paintas a material for wall finishing. Applying it is one of the most accessible design options in different types of premises. A huge number of very different varnish-and-paint products allows you to pick up any colors and their shades. The main thing here is to choose the right material. For example, for some highly stressed surfaces (and these are the walls of the bathroom and kitchen), the best option is a washable paint.

Washable products and their features

To ensure that the surface does not lose itsperfect appearance for the longest time, it is worth using all the benefits of washable formulations. With them you can get the necessary color background, and also facilitate the repair process. These compounds have received such a name due to the special properties that allow wet cleaning of the wall.

For example, paint for walls in the kitchen washableEasily withstands treatment by any, even aggressive means. But it should be remembered that in order to preserve the effective appearance and durability of the coating, it is not worth using for cleaning with abrasives.

wall paint in the kitchen washable
Refusal of wallpaper in favor of such paints will relieverather complicated procedure of gluing, which after a while will require updating or replacement. Especially recommend these types of compounds, if the house grows children who are very fond of drawing on paper or vinyl coatings. The paint for the walls in the kitchen washable reduces the problems of children's drawings to nothing. Even a heavily soiled surface can be washed easily, and scratches can be painted over.

Any washable paint and varnish products will suitfor indoor work. Also, these materials are used wherever humidity is greatly increased. In the bathrooms, this coating will be a reliable protection in the formation of condensation. The paint for the walls in the kitchen washable can easily clean off grease and soot. Its unique composition falls evenly on any type of coating and creates an even, surface that is resistant to various wear.

This product is also suitable for usewith structural wallpaper, which are manufactured on the basis of nonwoven fabric, or with glass. Paints of this type are well applied to plastered walls, concrete, brick, plasterboard and wooden surfaces. Such paints can be painted even porous plates, except floor. We can say that they are universal.

Kinds of compositions

There are many different washable paints.

matte paint
This and water-based paint washable, and water-dispersed compositions, various acrylic analogs, as well as silicate and latex variants. Also there are silicone mixtures.

The greatest popularity was acrylic, andalso latex formulations. They are safe, easy to use, and the coating is characterized by higher performance characteristics. Also can be considered washable and oil paints. But they almost ceased to be used for finishing works inside the room because of the smell, high toxicity and fire hazard.

Acrylic Compositions

Acrylic washable paint is perfect forfinishing works in the living room, children's rooms, bedrooms. The composition contains acrylic resins, which give this product a high elasticity. Acrylic paint is ideal for applying to wooden walls. In addition, this product will help to hide minor surface defects.

Another advantage - the absence of unpleasantodors. If the coating is dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp rag or wash it with non-aggressive detergents. Such a paint can withstand more than 3000 cleaning cycles without loss of quality.

paint tikkurila price
There is a single essential drawback in acrylic paints. This is a high price.


Latex washable paint is much betteracrylic compounds for resistance to wear. This product is widely used in the finishing works of those premises that experience high loads. It can be various staircases in administrative buildings, school or hospital corridors, as well as other facilities where regular cleaning is necessary with the use of disinfectants and aggressive detergents. These paints today also decorate and kitchen in apartments or houses.

For cleaning surfaces that are painted with suchcompositions, you can use not only rags or sponges, but also brushes with soft bristles. The surface treated in this way is very resistant to abrasion. The prices for this product are higher than the cost of acrylic compounds, but the characteristics are much better. Acrylic compositions and latex paints are breathable, make it possible to use them in wet rooms. Fungus and mold will not form.

Types of paints by gloss

Various types of gloss are produced. So, there is on sale a matte paint, half-matt or glossy. The choice here is dictated only by personal preferences and interior features.

But if you regularly wash using detergentsmeans only some sections of the wall, for example, an area near a table or stove, it is best to choose a gloss or semi-matt coating. Regular cleaning can result in surface polishing. If matte paint is applied to the wall, then some areas with glossy gloss will be allocated.

Silicone and polyvinyl acetate formulations

This is the most expensive paint washable. Its price is from 1000 rubles and higher per liter. These are breathable and washable mixtures. The surface painted with these paints is perfectly even. In the process of finishing with the help of this product, it is also possible to hide shallow, up to 2 mm, cracks. Wet rooms can be decorated.

More affordable, but no less technological choice - polyvinyl acetate mixtures.

acrylic washable paint
These paints will perfectly fit on plasterboard,plaster coatings, concrete. Among the important advantages - high fire safety, fast drying. But there is one drawback. The coating does not have moisture resistance, which means that only completely dry rooms can be painted with these mixtures.

The difference between acrylic paints and water-based paints

Often home masters are interested in suchthings. But here you can see the wrong statement of the question. In fact, both acrylic and latex formulations are water mixtures. Today such paints are also called water-dispersive paints.

Previously, water-based paints and varnisheswas very popular, but the slightest contact with moisture or liquid was fatal for her. The paint was washed off the surface. Today, these materials are not available for sale. And the demand is not so great.

wall paint in the kitchen washable
Instead, water dispersion preparations are offered today.

Any modern water-based paintis made on the basis of polyacrylates. Now the production at the production stage is dissolved in water, but after complete drying it is completely insoluble. These mixtures are suitable for finishing any surfaces, they are easy to use, and they very quickly dry. The paint for the spray gun is also on sale. And after work, the tool is easily washed with ordinary water.

Overview of the modern market of LCP

Now the market of paint and varnish products offers the consumer a lot of brands.

paint washable price
All these companies produce and washable colors as well. Many of the brands are in good demand and can boast of positive reviews.


Paint and varnish products of this manufacturer -this is a quality mixture based on acrylates, which are created specifically for interior finishing works of living quarters. This is a suitable wall paint in the kitchen washable. It is easy to apply, and the drying speed is quite high. There are many shades and colors available.

Sadolin Bindo

This brand is known to all those who chose latex paints for concrete or brick surfaces. The company also produces compositions for non-woven wallpaper and plasterboard.


Acrylic blends are easily applied to any smooth surfaces.

water-washable washable paint
The product can be used in rooms where the humidity is constantly high.


The washable paint of this brand isWater-based composition for painting rooms that are well ventilated. Paint is ideal for living rooms, halls, bedrooms. But here for kitchens and toilets it is better not to choose.


This is the most famous foreign producer on the domestic market.

paint for paint spray guns
The Finnish company makes veryquality, but at the same time expensive paints. For example, washable paint "Tikkurila." Its price starts from 740 rubles for a capacity of 0.9 liters. For 18 liters of this composition will have to pay 12 thousand rubles and more. It equally well falls on any type of surface, dries quickly, great for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.


Latex detergents from this manufacturer are also excellent for indoor work. Ideal and inexpensive choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Features of application of washable paints

After the composition is applied to thesurface, should be observed for a while and very carefully treated with a painted wall. The composition does not immediately acquire its wear resistance. This should take some time, more often a few weeks.

latex washable paint
Also after dyeing, do not immediately applyserious detergents. Start better with soft. Do not use organic solvents and abrasives, otherwise you will have to re-paint. Considering how much the popular Tikkurila paint costs on the construction market, the price of such cleaning can be very, very high. This should be remembered when making a choice.

So, we found out what the paint for the walls in the kitchen is washable and what advantages it has.