Household cleaning equipment todayproduce almost all the famous manufacturers of equipment for the home. Some of them adhere to the conservative line and develop vacuum cleaners with the traditional principle of work, while others successfully introduce new technologies into the model. But there are companies offering almost unique products. To such technique it is possible to carry a steam cleaner "Kerher SC 2 EU", reviews about which mark high efficiency and convenience in application. It can not be said that the family of German steam generators is quite revolutionary, but so few of the qualitative indicators in this segment could be set.

kercher steam cleaner sc 2

General information about the model

The modification is not representative of the initialclass in the line of steam generators "Kercher", its capabilities can be attributed to the basic level. That is, the company offers models with more substantial options and performance. Nevertheless, for the general mass of consumers, it is the steam cleaner "Kercher SC 2" that is of great interest as an example of a balanced approach in the manufacture of cleaning equipment. The model is also affordable, but it does not prevent it from providing a fairly high class of cleaning. In this case, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, this device is not designed to use high power. The emphasis in the work process is rather on the flexibility of cleaning, the ability to easily service difficult areas and eliminate harmful microorganisms. The very principle of operation causes a lot of differences between this steam cleaner and the usual dust collectors.

schercher sc 2

Characteristics of the steam generator

The efficiency of cleaning is achieved thanks toprinciples of steam impact. In activity, the unit is driven by an electric motor at 1500 W. For comparison - even "junior" versions of conventional vacuum cleaners have a power potential of the order of 1800-2000 W. The most productive work at 2400 watts. Nevertheless, the steam cleaner "Kerher SC 2" successfully copes with its tasks and at a minimum of energy consumption. And if the quality of surface treatment is not inferior to more powerful analogs, the cost of electricity is reduced quite appreciably.

Further it is worth noting the pressure of 3.2 bar. If compared with other representatives of the class of steam generators, the indicator will be average, but it is not decisive from the point of view of harvesting efficiency by the "Kercher" technique. Steam cleaner SC 2 is precisely due to the optimized "stuffing" was very modest in size. Thus, the dimensions of the model are 380 mm in length, 254 mm in width and 260 mm in height.

steamer kercher sc 2 eu reviews

Technological features

There are two operational directions,in which the features of the model are manifested. This is security and equipment. As for the first moment, the handle of the unit is equipped with a special lock, which prevents children from switching on the equipment without parental supervision. Much wider unusual solutions are presented in additional accessories and attachments. The design provides for the possibility of convenient storage of elements, and for the case the developers have created a special parking position. It allows, if necessary, for short intervals to stop the operation of such a generator as "Kercher". The steam cleaner SC 2 is also provided with a convenient steam regulator. The control mechanism of this option is located directly on the gun, which saves the hostess from accessing the main unit of the device. Now you can go to the acquaintance with the feedback of the owners of this model.

Reviews about design

In the creation of household appliances, many modernmanufacturers associate design concepts with ergonomics. This can be seen in the example of the steam generator of the German firm. Users of this unit note a successful combination of convenience and pleasant appearance. In the design there is nothing superfluous, and the body is made in a rather laconic style. You can choose between two variants of the model - in yellow and white. As for the equipment, each nozzle organically enters the steam cleaner "Kerher SC 2 Premium". The reviews emphasize that the design of the steam generator is in no way associated with the cumbersome and shapeless cleaning equipment used by specialists. Even against the background of modern vacuum cleaners the model looks elegant and aesthetic. Small sizes have long become an indispensable condition for this technique, and the company "Kercher" does not depart from this rule, adding to the attractiveness of its products.

steamer kerher sc 2 premium reviews

Reviews about ergonomics

Modest dimensions affect not only theaesthetic perception of technology. According to the owners, this model of the steam cleaner is highly manoeuvrable, which makes it possible to easily put things in order in the remote and problem areas of the house. True, this is due not so much to moderation in the dimensions of the hull as to the effectiveness of the nozzles for the "Kercher" technique. Steam cleaner SC 2 is equipped with an extensive set of cleaning tools. As the users themselves note, the device can be easily operated on both smooth surfaces and in the processing of coatings with fibers. Separately, the owners of the equipment praise the nozzle "Comfort", which is designed specifically for the floor. In general, the model can be used for almost any room, moving from a dirty floor to a delicate cleaning of kitchen surfaces.

schercher scher 2 premium

Reviews of the package

Arsenal baits and accessories,which offers the manufacturer, it is worth considering separately. In addition to the floor cleaning kit, housewives indicate the benefits of brushes. Among the accessories of this group are three round brushes - two small and one big. Also included are microfiber-based napkins that effectively show themselves already in the process of manual revision after the steam cleaner "Kercher SC 2" has completed its tasks. Feedback on the package is generally positive, but many owners still do not have enough specialized tools for targeted processing of specific materials. Still, the versatility of technology designed for cleaning operations in the home is difficult to attribute to pluses.

Opinions on the quality of harvesting

Of course, the main indicator of the effectiveness of anytechnique is its ability to perform basic tasks. The features of the hull, additional options and equipment are just means to achieve the goal, that is, cleaning in this case. Most users appreciate the cleaning and disinfection result that the Kercher model provides. Steam cleaner SC 2 copes with cleaning hard surfaces, removing water-soluble stains, cleaning lime deposits, etc.

Many emphasize the ability of the device toelimination of problem zones in the kitchen, which in the usual way have to be treated with chemicals. Moreover, the steam generator not only eliminates stuck and hardened raids, but also leaves no stains on the surface after cleaning. This quality is especially noticeable with the care of sanitary equipment in the bathroom.

steam cleaner kercher sc 2 premium

Criticism of specialists

Virtually all modern vacuum cleaners andThe steam generators are equipped with the function of automatic assembly of the network cable. Experts note the lack of this possibility as one of the most significant drawbacks of the model from the point of view of ergonomics. Also indicates the problems during the reboot of the unit. The fact that the steam cleaner "Kerher SC 2 Premium" after the flow of water for a while blocks the valve with the reservoir. Therefore, the user does not have the ability to perform cleaning in an uninterrupted mode, without delays.

steam cleaner kerher sc 2 reviews


For all the shortcomings German steam generatorIt is a worthy choice if you need an efficient and versatile home cleaning technology. The model is good for its ergonomics, small size, the ability to cope with various cleaning tasks and, of course, the disinfection effect. Many are captivated by the manufacturer's statement that the steam cleaner "Kerher SC 2 Premium" can do without the use of cleaning agents. As the practice of operation of the unit shows, the elimination of greasy spots on cooking surfaces still requires the use of special chemicals. But there is one nuance. Theoretically, the removal of such impurities is possible and the steam generator - another thing is that this will take more time, and with the addition of a cleaning solution, the raid will be eliminated in seconds.