The interior decoration of the cottages begins immediatelyafter the construction of the house box. To produce these works, you must have a pre-compiled project documentation, which includes:

- Design solutions with an indication of the layout of all premises;

- list of materials used;

interior decoration of cottages

- drawings and schemes of installation works;

- Tile layout;

- other design and design solutions.

Interior decoration of cottages is impossible without the existence of a project for electricity supply to the house. It should include:

- plans for electrical wiring of premises;

- list of stationary consumers;

- design loads by phases and groups.

In addition, finishing cottages and houses shouldtake into account the plans of the heating main, taking into account the calculations for the power of the boiler and pumping equipment. All these characteristics are indicated in the project on water supply and heating.

When preparing for interior decoration of cottagesthe scheme of the routes responsible for ventilation and air conditioning at home is studied. The availability of accompanying documents will greatly simplify the entire process of engineering and repair work.

The interior decoration of the cottages consists ofseveral stages. Compliance with the requirements of their implementation will save considerable money and avoid a lot of problems. All types of repair work are divided into:

- preparatory;

- Draft;

- Finishing;

- trailing.

finishing of cottages and houses
Time for each stage can be several days, and can last for several months. The timing of the work is influenced by many factors. They include:

- constructive type of house;

- degree of deterioration of the structure and the time of its previous operation;

- volumes of premises;

- list of planned works;

- the climate of the region and the time of year.

In the production of the first preparatory phasethe actual condition of the cottage is assessed. At the same time, a design project for interior decoration is being developed, which can reveal the need to dismantle or install partitions or to remove individual interior elements (old doors, windows, putty or plaster).

Finishing cottages and houses at the draft stageincludes plastering and leveling the surface of ceilings and walls. These works are performed as they are needed. In parallel with the plastering, heat, hydro and sound insulation of the premises are carried out. The walls are shrouded for wiring of television, telephone and electrical networks. Works on leveling of floors are carried out. Engineering communications are in charge, responsible for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and water supply at home.

The finishing stage is different constructiondecorative elements provided for in the design project (arches, niches, etc.). In this case, the surfaces of ceilings and walls are primed, glued with reinforcing mesh, shpaklyuyutsya. After the completion of these works, various interior elements (baguettes, moldings, cornices, rosettes, etc.) are attached to them.

finishing construction of cottages

The most difficult stage is the final stage. Internal finishing of cottages at this stage is characterized by the production of finishing of all surfaces of premises: painting walls, pasting wallpaper, laying floors. At this stage, doors and lighting devices are hung and fastened, as well as all other elements of the decorative type.

Finishing, the construction of cottages should be done by professionals. They will ensure the quality of all works, as well as the connection of systems designed to provide life support to the residents of the house.