Canna - an exotic plant whose homeconsider the tropical forests of South America and Asia. This flower can boast not only delicious inflorescences, but also chic greens, strong trunk and beautiful decorative leaves. The plant itself is covered with a wax coating, which makes it a natural bright blue-green coloring interesting and original. Due to such decorative qualities, flowers of canna, planting and caring for which do not cause special difficulties, are favorably distinguished in their habitats: in greenhouses, gardens and premises. Canna grows to a height of 2.5 meters, which is considered the norm.

cannes planting and care
The first impression of cannes is mixed. Its flowers resemble a gladiolus and an orchid, the leaves are a banana. In fact, canna is a unique plant. This is the only genus in the Cannae family, which has only fifty species.

Cannes (planting and care): reproduction of a plant

The plant reproduces by divisionrhizome on the part. While engaged in the reproduction of canna, the gardener must ensure that in each part there is a kidney or two. The more kidneys, the more powerful the plant will be. Cannabis is trimmed in the beginning or middle of spring. Slicers are treated with potassium permanganate or they are sprinkled with ashes in order to avoid fungal diseases. Each part is planted in a separate container, into sawdust or a mixture of sand, peat and turf. The rhizome should be covered. With germination, the air temperature on average should be 24 degrees Celsius.

canna flowers planting and care

When the first leaves appear, the plant needsput in a cooler room (about 15 degrees). Kanna loves light during this period. It is also important to constantly water the plant with a solution of potassium permanganate once a week.

Cannes (planting and care): how to plant?

A young plant is planted in open groundthen, when freezing takes place. Between the plants you need to leave about 30-50 centimeters. The soil must be properly fertilized and deeply digged. Kanna is planted in an open and well-lit place.

Kanna (planting and care): cultivation

Planted plant must be constantly watered,weed the soil and loosen it. It is necessary to constantly ensure that the soil does not dry out. However, it is impossible and too moisturize it to avoid infection with fungal diseases. If the flower is sick, it can no longer be helped. At the first frosts, the stems and canna leaves are cut off. Rhizomes are excavated and laid with a clod of earth in dry and cool places. So that the earthen does not dry up, it is placed in a plastic bag. In general, it's not difficult to take care of cannabis. It is rarely attacked by pests and insects.

canna landing and leaving photo
Cannes (planting and care): popular varieties

Among the most popular varieties is the canna Lucifer(red flowers with yellow edging), President (scarlet flowers), Picasso (yellow flowers with a red dot), garden bordeaux (yellow flowers with maroon leaves) and others. In the gardens it looks great as one variety, and their combination. If you follow all the rules for care, the plant will please you more than one year. Whatever sort you choose, all you need to learn about a plant such as canna is planting and leaving. Photos of your blossoming masterpiece will not leave anyone indifferent then!