Such kitchen utensils as a frying pan are in eachhouse. For what it is meant to speak is not worth it. The culinary possibilities of pans are so great that it is difficult to list them. There are also different types of these kitchen accessories. This is a pancake pan with low sides. Of course, it is intended for the preparation of pancakes. And at the bottom of the frying pan there are special ribs. From them on food there are strips, which create the effect of cooking in the grill. There are pans with high, inclined or straight walls. They are called stash-makers. In them you can not only fry, but also stew foods, cook jam, prepare sauces and much more. And finally, wok - dishes for cooking Chinese dishes. It is round, deep and with a convex bottom. It warms up quickly and keeps the temperature well.

Manufacture these kitchen accessories fromcast iron, aluminum or steel. Each of these metals has its advantages and disadvantages. But some of these shortcomings are easily eliminated. For this, a special coating is used. Previously, manufacturers used Teflon for these purposes. It performs well its non-stick functions, but it is easily scratched, and you need to handle it very carefully. But now more modern ceramic coating of frying pans, made on the basis of titanium or silicone, is used. For example, German pans Bergner and Kaiserhoff. They are no longer afraid of using blades of metal, and care for it is simpler than for Teflon.

A frying pan with a ceramic coating of this kindbecomes one of the most practical accessories for the kitchen. On it you can easily and quickly enough to prepare a variety of delicious dishes and virtually no fat. In this case, the food will retain its useful properties, will not lose its natural taste and all nutritional value.

Therefore, gradually dishes with Teflon coatinggoes into the background. After all, in its essence, polytetrafluoroethylene is a plastic that is exposed to external influences. And if you break the integrity of such a coating or heat to a temperature above 260 degrees Celsius, then from it begins to stand out about a hundred different chemical compounds. And many of them are not harmless to humans. It is quite another thing to pan with a ceramic coating brand Green Pan. It is environmentally friendly and completely harmless.

When manufacturing a new ceramic coatinggeneration, perfluorooctanoic acid is not used, and there is no polytetrafluoroethylene. These coatings are made from a fundamentally new composite thermolone, which was invented quite recently. This material is a special, very strong glass with non-stick properties of high quality. Therefore, the frying pan with ceramic coating is much ahead of its traditional counterparts. Thermolone is not only safe for health, but also very durable, has increased resistance to corrosion, temperature and wear. Also, the thermo-lacquer coating is chemically inert. In short, its parameters are very similar to the parameters of heat-resistant glass, which is now very widely used.

This frying pan with ceramic coating is washedeasily and quickly. However, if you use a dishwasher, then it can lose its non-stick properties. But such a machine is not needed for it. It can be washed in a few seconds with warm water and ordinary detergents. Also important is the design of these modern frying pans. Any of them will easily fit into the interior of the most modern kitchen. Designers are working on all the little things in this kitchen utensils, right down to the handle. It is made so that she asks herself in the hand.

Therefore the best frying pans with ceramic coatingwith each passing day they are becoming more popular both among housewives and among professional cooks. This frying pan of various types from the world's leading manufacturers, such brands as Ballarini, Gemeni, Earthchef and many others. And this is all thanks to the advantages of a ceramic coating. Dishes cooked in a new type of frying pan do not lose their useful properties. And the fact that a healthy diet is also a pledge of longevity is not a secret for anyone.