Planting pears in autumn
Many people like it when such a garden growsa fruit, like a pear, planting and care, pruning which, although it requires some work, but it all pays off with interest when fragrant ripe fruits appear on the table. Of course, this tree is much less common than the apple tree, but it is also quite popular.

The time of planting a pear depends on the region. In the middle part of our country the seedlings are placed in the ground most often in the spring. This occurs in late April or early May, even before the appearance of leaves. And in the southern regions, the planting of a pear in autumn is considered correct. This is explained by the fact that under these conditions new roots are better formed because of the large accumulation of moisture in the soil. However, in the autumn it is more difficult to keep young trees from attacking rodents, and therefore protection against these pests is carried out in parallel.

The correct landing of the pear is a pledgegood harvest. Before placing the seedling in the ground, it must be carefully inspected by removing the damaged branches. At the same time, the root system can not be touched, since it contains many microelements and nutrients, so necessary for the tree to grow.

Pear planting and care pruning

Planting the pear in the fall is carried out in advanceprepared pit depths of sixty and a diameter of about a hundred centimeters, filled with fertile soil. On already cultivated soil or in advance prepared hills, valleys, you can do without them.

The walls of the landing holes must have a steep slope. With conical form, the soil unevenly settles, causing deepening of the root necks.

In this case, walls are not recommended to be smoothed with a shovel, since this makes air exchange difficult.

For filling the pits, as a rule, is usedA mixture of fertile soil, overgrown manure or compost and peat. You can add mineral fertilizers, depending on the type of soil. At the same time, you need to be careful that excessive diligence does not lead to burns on the root system.

Pear landing time
Gradual elevation of the upper land layer,The resulting mulching leads to the penetration of the seedling. Therefore, the planting of the pear in autumn is carried out in such a way that its root neck under a slight slope rises from the general soil level.

A sapling with a one-sided or curved crown is located in a bare part in the direction of the most illuminated southern side. A tree with branches will stretch towards the sun.

Planting a pear in autumn or spring is done inearthen cone in such a way that the root of the roots rests on its apex. This minimizes the number of air voids. Fill the seedling with soil, it needs to be shaken slightly and pulled upwards, so that the soil is evenly distributed among the roots.

After filling the pit, it is necessary to fill it with water. The resulting voids are buried and trampled along the radius from the trunk.

For successful survival,fix the position of the roots, so that the seedling does not swing from the wind. Therefore, you need to firmly attach it to a deep cola. To accidentally not damage the trunk, the garter is made as a figure-eight.