It is almost impossible to organize water supply for a country house without using a pump. Today, there are various models and types of devices for pumping and sampling liquids.

First of all, when choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the centrifugal pump for giving.

well pump
There are surface varieties thatis installed on the surface of the water and thus draws liquid from wells and wells. These devices are very common, they are also called vortex. A similar pump for a well has a simple operating principle.

The motor located inside the casing,rotates the impeller, which creates a sparse situation, which ensures the absorption of the liquid and its movement to the output of the device. To prevent the flow of water between the engine and the impeller allows the use of an oil seal.

Centrifugal pump for the well is produceddifferent power, and therefore performance. This characteristic is very important and is determined by the amount of fluid moved in dependence on the suction depth per unit time, for example, liter per hour, liter per minute. It turns out that the deeper the mirror of water in the well is, the more difficult it is for the pump to work, the less productivity it has.

pump for cottages

Buying a centrifugal pump for a well, it must be taken into account that it is capable of lifting liquid from a depth of not less than 8 meters.

Otherwise, a submersiblescrew type device. This option is more expensive, but also reliable. You can buy a cheap model - a submersible pump for watering a vibrating type, for example, "Brook". This device allows you to lift water from a 50 meter depth.

However, if a serious pressure of water is required forirrigation or water supply, it is better to use a surface centrifugal device, which is additionally equipped with a hose and a check valve. This construction should be lowered into the well by the valve downwards. Once it has collected liquid, it is connected to the input of the device. The pump for the well must also be filled with water to prevent water hammer and breakage of the device. After that, it is included in the network.

watering pump

The station also received stationsautomatic water supply, which are called hydrophores. Devices are connected to a well or a well and the water is supplied and lifted automatically, while the water mirror should not be below 8 meters. Such a pump for the well operates in a sealed closed system.

In other words, with the difference in the inlet pressureand the output automatically switches the device on and the water is ejected from the outlet nozzle to the point of fluid intake. It turns out that when the tap in the house is closed, the pump rests and is in the standby mode. If the tap comes off, water immediately flows out of it, and the device turns on and pumps the liquid into a special expansion tank. Thus, there is an opinion that the house is connected to the water supply system, as in the city.