Name day is the day of the saint's memory, in honor ofwhich gave the man a name. Previously, this holiday was much more important than the birthday, for each born after the baptism is given the Guardian Angel, who protects and protects. Today such traditions are also preserved, babies are often given the name of a saint, the day he was born. For each month there is a church calendar, which details the name-day in March, April and other months. This article will help to understand what this holiday means and how to celebrate it.

Birthday in March

Feast of remembrance the name of the saint is an oldOrthodoxy tradition and when it is appropriated to a baby at baptism, this day becomes his name-day. The patron protects the whole life of the person baptized by his name, helps in grief and misfortune, rejoices in happiness and successes, and people in gratitude continue the Day of the Angel. How do they celebrate this day and what needs to be done? As a token of thanks to your patron and Lord God, you should confess and take communion, you can also just go to the temple, put candles to the saints, say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Name Day in March
And surely on such a day you can not fight andswear, and kind and peaceful deeds will be highly appreciated by the Guardian Angel. What is the best gift for a birthday person? A valuable gift will be an icon with a saint, a silver cross, prayers, and you can also bring beautiful candles with stands, a spiritual book. In many nations, celebration of the name day is still very popular. Since the seventeenth century, the name day began to be celebrated in Russia, then this holiday was more significant than the birthday.

Name day in March girls

The birth of a man is one of the biggestsacraments, which is preserved by nature. The name that gives the toddler to bear it all his life, therefore, this choice should be approached seriously. It is best to choose from the church calendar. And if the young parents still want to give an unusual name, then at the baptism the second child is given the name of the saint, who will be his patron all his life. Name day in March is celebrated by Victoria, Marina, Vasilisa, Ulyana, Nick, Anastasia, Galina, Christina.

birthday party in March girls

Men's birthday in March

The month of March is rich in men's namesakes, in hisalmost every day has a holiday. This month should remember to congratulate Danil, Paul, Porphyry, Ilya, Samuel, Julian - all these male names have a holiday on the very first day of spring, the first of March. On the second, Feodor's name-day is celebrated, the third is Lion and Kuzma, the fourth is Eugene, Makar, Arkhip, Maxim, Fedot, Filimon, Bogdan, March 5 - Cornelius and Leo.

Maiden's name-days in March
In this spring month like no otherabundance of name-day. So, the sixth celebrate George and Timothy, the seventh - Athanasius, the eighth - Alexander, the ninth - Ivan, the tenth - Taras. Our ancestors called babies only in accordance with the church calendar, so that the child had a heavenly patron. In addition to the above, celebrate the name-day in March, male names Sevastian, Basil, Nikolai, Adrian, Constantine, Arkady, Valery, Grigory and Semyon.