Alevtina's name is rare all over the world. It is also rarely mentioned in the church calendar. Therefore, if among your acquaintances there is a possessor of this beautiful name, it will not be inappropriate to find out when he celebrates the day of the angel Alevtina. What is the date to congratulate her on the name day? More about this and the patron saint of the name will be described in our article.

When marks the day of the angel Alevtina on the church calendar?

The name Alevtina belongs to the category of Orthodoxnames. In translation from the Greek language it means "reflect" or "reflection". Also there is another meaning of the name, which is defined by two words "alien to the bad." The name is quite rare, and world history knows a few owners of this beautiful name.

day of the angel alevtina
The day of the angel Alevtina marks only oncein a year - on July, 29th (or on July, 16th on an old style). On this day, the Orthodox and Catholic Church remembers the holy martyr Alevtina of Caesarea (Palestine). Details of the life of the patron saint are presented below.

Day of the angel Alevtiny: patron saint of the name

The Holy Martyr Alevtina in history is mentionedtogether with other Christians who suffered for their faith in Jesus Christ: Paul and Hionia. They were all from Egypt and lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (303-313). The years of his reign are associated with terrible persecutions against Christians, who were persecuted for their faith and subjected to cruel tortures.

tribute to the angel of alevtine in the church calendar
Once a martyr with other Christianswas seized and, by order of the emperor, delivered to Caesarea. Here the martyrs were interrogated, on which they refused to renounce their faith in the Lord and remained faithful to their religious convictions. For this they were subjected to cruel tortures: first they burned everyone on the left leg, then they put it out on the right eye and then they let it die. The first was hung the believer Hionia, after her, Alevtina was brutally tortured, and then Paul was beheaded. Before his death, the martyr read a prayer, with which he urged all pagans to turn to faith in God, after which all the people who were present at the executions cried. After this, the bodies of all the martyrs were burnt.

Day of the angel Alevtina, whose patronessis the holy martyr Alevtina of Caesarea, marks only once a year - July 29 (according to a new style). The girl who was born on this day, according to the Orthodox tradition, is recommended to be called by this name, and then the child will be protected by his personal guardian angel.

Characteristics of the character Alevtiny

A rare name makes its possessor noticeable inany team. Alevtina from childhood grows dissimilar to others, confident in its uniqueness and superiority. It is straightforward, fair and prefers a society of men, rather than women. Alevtina is overly emotional, even explosive, often enters into conflicts over trifles. To cope with the incontinence of a woman helps her guardian angel.

day of the angel alevtina
The day of the angel Alevtina notes, as already mentioned, on July 29. On this day, all close and familiar people should congratulate the woman with the name day. </ strong </ p>