Animal health today suffers fromThe deteriorating situation in the world is no less than the health of people. Skin infectious diseases, including dermatophytosis, have become incredibly common, and it becomes more difficult to deal with them. It is the fungus that causes dermatophytosis. There are three groups of organisms capable of causing it. Let's talk about everything in detail.

To cope with such an unpleasant disease,it is necessary to choose a good medicinal antifungal agent that would have the widest possible spectrum of action and effectively affect all possible causative agents of the disease. As practice shows, "Imaverol" is one of the most effective medicines in this respect, which is very effective in treating the disease. The formula of the drug was created by a group of experienced US developers, and the authoritative Austrian pharmacological company - instructions for use.

"Imaverol", as evidenced by the reviews, issufficiently effective drug. What ensures the effectiveness of this tool? In what cases is it appropriate to apply it? What dosage should I choose to treat a particular animal? All this will be discussed in this article.

Instructions for use

General information about the preparation

The drug is aan amber-yellow solution, which is packed into bottles in two dosages: one hundred milliliters and one liter each. The preparation includes enilconazole (as the main active substance), polysorbate and sorbitan laurate (as additional, auxiliary substances).

imaverol instructions for use

Pharmacological action of the drug

The medicine in question is incrediblean effective antifungal agent of an extremely broad spectrum of action. The active substance of the agent, as already noted, is enilconazole. This component has a destructive effect on the cell membranes of yeasts and fungi. The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by practice.

The drug is completely eliminated from the body inperiod from twelve to sixteen hours mainly along with urine and feces. The entry of elements of the disintegration of the drug into cow's milk is extremely limited.

imaverol instruction manual for cats

Indications for use

What is the instruction for use? "Imaverol" can be used not only for cattle and horses. It is prescribed for domestic dogs and cats to treat skin fungal infections - dermatophytosis.

Imaverol: instructions for use

For treatment it is necessary to prepareWork emulsion, which will be used to treat the disease. To do this, it is necessary to dilute one part of the drug in fifty parts of warm water (the proportion must be preserved, while the total volume of the working emulsion must match the size of the animal). It is necessary to process the animal four times with an interval between application of the preparation in three or four days. Sometimes, in acute cases of the disease, you have to prolong the course of the drug. Representatives of cattle should be washed and cleaned from crusts on the surface of the skin before treatment with Imaverol.

Instructions for use for dogs and cats, tooimplies cleaning before processing. Representatives of longhaired breeds should be shaved. It should be applied, rubbing into the skin against the coat, the "Imaverol" remedy.

Instructions for use for the kitten also advises you to prepare the solution and carefully immerse the animal into a ready-made working emulsion.

imaverol instructions for dogs

Side effects of the drug: instructions for use

"Imaverol" direct side effects as duringuse, and at its cancellation has not. The only direct contraindication to the use of the drug is individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to any component that is part of the drug. In this case, the occurrence of allergic reactions, which should be treated locally, is symptomatic.

It is not recommended to apply the drug simultaneously with other antifungal agents.

Imaverol user's guide for kitten


Instructions for use "Imaverol" does not prohibitprescribe to pregnant and lactating females, and also permits the further use of products produced by processed animals (cattle), without any fear, however having sustained certain periods. So, milk can be consumed by people only after forty-eight hours (or four milking) after applying the drug. A slaughter of animals treated with Imaverol is possible only four days after the application of this medication.

People should avoid direct contact with"Imaverol". So, the procedure should be carried out in rubber gloves. It is also forbidden to smoke, eat any food or drinks during the procedure.

It is important not to use emptycapacity, which stored the drug "Imaverol" for any household purposes. Such containers must be disposed of only with other household waste.

andmaverol analogues

Conditions of drug storage

The drug can be stored in a place,protected from moisture and direct sunlight. The temperature in the storage area of ​​the drug should be in the range of thirteen to twenty-five degrees. Instructions for use "Imaverol" advises to store no more than five years in hermetically sealed packaging and no more than six months after its opening.

Do not store this medication with any food or personal care items.

This medicine is incredibly effective inits scope. However, if it is too costly to buy Imaverol because analogues of domestic production, such as Zoniton, will become a worthy replacement and will be able to help the animal.


For the preparation "Imaverol" instructions for usefor cats, dogs and cattle is almost identical. Proportion of the drug is easy to follow, and processing animals is often also very convenient (large animals can be treated with a hose, and dogs and cats can even be dipped directly into the working emulsion). This drug will be a real rescue for animals suffering from fungal infections, and their owners. Never stop caring for your pets!