Before the birth of a child, each parentthinks about those things that can be trusted with the most valuable: about a crib, car seat, chair and, of course, a stroller. The first children's transport becomes the main companion of a young mother for many months. Therefore, choosing a wheelchair is an important and responsible business.

In times of economic instability, manymanufacturers of children's goods are trying to take into account the interests of all potential buyers, presenting on the market goods that combine quality, stylish modern design and affordable price. Under this definition is perfectly suited stroller "Indigo" 2 in 1, the reviews of which are very unanimous. In this article, we will consider in detail the popular stroller from the Polish company "Slaro". The experience of the owners who managed to do a test drive, often helps determine the choice for those who are just planning a trip to the children's store.

stroller indigo 2 in 1 reviews

Carriages "Slaro"

Stroller "Indigo" 2 in 1, reviews about which are calledits budget version of "Tutis Zippy", really will be cheaper. The stroller is as tall, but compact. The structure of the cradle, walking block and basket is almost identical. Recognized solid rims of "Tutis" went to "Indigo", but without branded droplets.

In the model range of the company there are several other similar models: "Carmen", "Piccolo", "Charlotte". Outwardly and technically, they are similar, the differences relate mainly to design.

The company produces and classical transformers: "Sparrow", "Rocky V".

Noteworthy is another stroller - "IndigoBlues "2 in 1. Reviews of it often come across to those who are looking for products of the company" Slaro. " This stroller has a classic design with a spacious basket and an X-shaped chassis. Owners note its excellent patency, durability, but also considerable weight, often a "side effect" of wheelchair-terrain vehicles. This model you can see in the following illustration.

stroller slano indigo 2 in 1 reviews

Package 2 in 1 and other options

For those who do not plan to purchase a car seat,compatible with the frame, the company "Slaro" offers modular 2-in-1 strollers. They include a chassis, a hood with a hood and a built-in handle and a walking unit, also with a hood and a boot for the legs. In addition, the kit includes a bag for children's things.

The manufacturer also offers models for twins (or weather). They also have a 2 in 1 note, although there are a lot more modules in the set: a single chassis, two cradles, two blocks and one big bag.

The company also produces car seats. The "Indigo" model can be equipped and 3 in 1.

Frame and chassis

Stroller "Indigo" 2 in 1, reviews of which celebrategood cross-country ability, is equipped with 4 wheels, each of which has a shock absorber. When driving on paving stones or an asphalt path their work is especially visible. The front pair is represented by 30 degrees rotating wheels of smaller diameter than the rear ones. Particularly problematic sections of the road are more convenient to overcome by fixing the front wheels in the "only straight" position.

On the rear wheels there is a brake. Judging by the reviews, it does not differ in any features and is made just like most other models - it can be lowered with a foot, but in order to raise, it will have to soil the toe of the shoes.

The wheelchair is folded simply (the "book" mechanism). When folded, it takes up relatively little space, but there is no need to speak about any special compactness.

stroller indigo blues 2 in 1 review


"Indigo" comes in a variety of colors,most of which combine two colors. In the range there are both calm and expressive tones. You can easily find among the range of models in the classic "girlish" colors of the red and pink range. Many options are presented for small men. But since unisex models are very popular today, there are also a lot of them.

Love floral prints and expressivegeometric patterns? Pay attention to the series Color Collection, which includes "Carmen" and "Indigo". You will find some wonderful design solutions in different shades.

stroller indigo 2 in 1 eco leather reviews

Advantageously stands out on the overall background of the stroller "Indigo2 in 1 Eco-Leather ». Reviews of this material have long confirmed its strength and durability, so many manufacturers use it for finishing children's transport. Many young parents assure that the "Indigo" of eco-skin looks much more expensive than its price.

Opinions of the owners: the pros and cons

If you like the stroller "Indigo" 2 in 1, reviewsowners will help to evaluate all its features before buying. Some mothers say that it is difficult to lower the stroller and lift it up the stairs. However, it depends on many factors: on the width of spans, physical strength. It is necessary to admit that the weight of the stroller is relatively small - 13.8 kg of walking and about the same as the cradle.

To some, the basket seems not large enough. This can hardly be called a disadvantage, but it's worth paying attention to.

stroller indigo 2 in 1 reviews

Price list

Carriages "Slaro" ("Indigo") 2 in 1, reviews aboutwhich is noted for its similarity to models of a more expensive segment, in stores in Russia costs from 18 thousand rubles. The model of eko-skin on average costs a couple of thousand more. In the secondary market, you can buy a second-hand stroller twice as cheaply.