Pregnancy is the most beautiful conditiona woman who, however, is constantly accompanied by interesting sensations and surprises. Every day of pregnancy can please you with new emotional sensations. As you know, the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. But it is likely that labor can begin much earlier. From the 36th week, you can safely await the onset of delivery at any time.

Many women argue that waiting for the beginningof the most painful. The body is already at the limit, there are various complaints, and sometimes even problems, then with the heart, then with the kidneys, all the organs of the woman seem to try to "hint" that it's time to give birth. Rapid fatigue, and, consequently, a bad mood, lead to the fact that the woman is waiting impatiently for the onset of the moment of delivery. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the body can present a surprise in the form of toxicosis, edema of the extremities and swelling of the veins, seizures and other things.

To find out about the soon-to-come delivery,should carefully monitor all, even minor, discharge from the vagina. About how looks like a cork in pregnant women, opinions diverge. At each pregnant woman it is individual, at one it is dark-brown slime with yellow veins, at someone it is yellow slime with brown impregnations.

Specifically, find out what color the cork ispregnant women, can only be the woman who did not miss her exit. Since during the period of gestation, many future mothers are suffering from thrush and other secretions that are unusual for them, they may not notice the exit of the plug, which predicts the onset of labor in a few days or hours.

Cork is a protective barrier between externalfactors and the child. It protects it from the effects of unfavorable organisms and microbes. Cork is formed from the very beginning and gradually increases by the end of pregnancy.

When the body begins an active processpreparing for the expulsion of the fetus, he seems to be giving a signal that the cork is the first to leave. Often young mothers who do not know how the cork looks pregnant, are frightened at the time of her release (especially if she has veins of blood, which is quite normal), or, conversely, do not attach any significance to it, believing that this is another allocation, the amount of which is often increased during pregnancy.

Understand and imagine what a traffic jam looks like whenpregnancy and why it can be heterogeneous, you can analyze directly the process of development and growth of the fetus. The uterus constantly changes, which contributes to the rupture of the capillaries, and these insignificant bloody discharge falls on a cork, which is usually light yellow in color. So there is a mixture of blood clots and mucus.

There are cases when the plug jams severalstages. And as the plug looks pregnant, there is no way to know, since it can take several days to go. Slimy stopper women lose in different ways, but her departure is not a momentary sign of childbirth, nor is it an obligatory sign for their beginning. If you feel contractions, then you can safely go to the hospital, even if you did not wait for the cork to come off.

From all of the above, it is obvious that exactlyto tell, as a fuse at pregnant women looks, it is impossible. In some expectant mothers, it's just a yellowish clot, like mucus during a common cold; in others, the exit of the cork is similar to the onset of menstruation, since it is completely bloody (however, in this case, one must convince them that this is not the beginning of bleeding), but someone in general has no idea about what it is and about how this cork looks like, it only finds out in the hospital.

Answering the question, what does the cork look like?pregnant women, it is important to clarify that any more watery discharge is a sign that you should consult your doctor. The cork is more similar in consistence to the jelly, and if you have watery discharge, but the color is similar to the cork, do not wait and quickly consult a doctor. Perhaps they indicate a malfunction in the work of the body of a woman (and even about the leakage of water), which can lead to undesirable consequences for the fetus.