Despite the fact that hand washing is practicallyvanished, giving way to a washing machine, some things, even in an automatic way and with the help of promising powders, do not acquire the original freshness. This is especially true for white and light colors. Among them are towels, shirts, socks. They eventually acquire a gray tinge. Is there a way to impart an original whiteness to new things and how to boil the laundry at home?

how to boil laundry

Grandmother's recipe for whiteness

In life, this happens: no matter how fast the technical progress is, whichever bleaching means modern industry offers, and the old grandmother's methods will never go to oblivion. For example, our grandmothers knew perfectly well how to boil their underwear. Can you brag of the same snow-white color with tablecloths and kitchen towels? We are referring not only to the textile products bought in the store, but also to the types that have seen them.

how to properly boil laundry
So, let's remember our ancestors - clever people were! Some readers will surely remember that in their house there was a huge pot, proudly called a dig. If you want to know how to boil the laundry on the grandmother's recipe, prepare the following:

  • water;
  • soda;
  • soap;
  • Welding.

Based on the calculation that for each 1 liter of water consumption of soapand soda is 20-25 grams, we prepare a solution: 6 liters per 1 kilogram of dirty things. The solution should be just prepared: it is packed with things, then the pan can be put on fire. If the laundry is laid after boiling water, the dirt does not wash off, but can soak into the products tightly.

Once water boils, the fire can be reduced, andthe contents of the tank several times to mix a special wooden stick. After the completion of the process, thoroughly rinse the objects in a large volume of clean water.

Boiling time

Now the most important thing: how long does the laundry last for a short time? Of course, everything depends on the degree of pollution of things. Usually they are boiled for no more than two hours, after which the tank can be put in the bathroom for a while, so that the water cools down and becomes warm.

how long does the boil laundry
Then you can get all the contents of the tank. Some spots that do not go away during boiling should be stretched by hand. Now, in a large basin or bathtub, stretch everything again and thoroughly rinse. To hang out on the balcony the things that have been squeezed out so that from the interaction with the fresh air they acquire a pleasant smell of cleanliness.

A question may arise as to how correctlyboil the underwear of the kids. Doctors say: despite modern powders with odors and substances safe for children, there is no better way to boil diapers and ryazhonki. The only difference is the time: for children's things, only 20-30 minutes of boiling is enough.

Grandmother's recipe for the digestion of clothing andtextiles are indispensable in life, especially for those who suffer from allergies to chemical elements contained in powders. This method is within the power of any landlady who now knows exactly how to boil the laundry so that it will rejoice for a long time with its whiteness and purity.