In recent years, in urban parks and squaresyou can often meet kids, riding on bright and stylish electric ATVs. After reading this article, you will learn about the main features of this transport.

electric quadrocycles for children

What is a similar technique?

Children's electric quadro looks like a four-wheeled motorcycle. It is moved by an engine powered by batteries, which in turn are charged from the outlet.

Standard models are designed for children youngereight years of age. They easily withstand a weight not exceeding thirty kilograms. However, on sale there are also teenage models, the cost of which is an order of magnitude higher.

This technique is controlled by the steering wheel and pedals. With this simple task, any child can easily cope.

 children's electric quadrocycle

The main advantages and disadvantages of such a toy

Modern children's transport has become an exact copyadult technology. Thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, our children can ride on bright electric quadrocycles, which will give them a lot of joy and positive emotions. Like any other product, these products have a number of undeniable advantages.

So, the children's electric quadrocycle, the price for whichvaries between 6900-35000 rubles, is made exclusively from reliable high-quality materials. It is thanks to this that the safety of the product and its resistance to certain mechanical loads are ensured.

The ability to adapt to children of differentage. This is especially important, since such a technique is not a cheap pleasure, and not all parents can afford to regularly buy a new ATV for their growing up baby. So, in many specialized stores you can buy models designed for children from three to eight years.

These almost noiseless devices can be charged from an ordinary outlet. They do not need complicated maintenance.

One of the main drawbacks is thatelectric quadrocycles for children have a limited power reserve. On one charge you can drive no more than forty kilometers. But this is more than enough for a baby to ride for a couple of hours.

electric ATV

Factors affecting the safety of similar products

Many modern parents are afraid to buyto their growing heirs an electric ATV. Such reluctance most of them argue for security reasons. On the domestic market there are models that, when properly operated, absolutely nothing threatens children.

Transport, calculated for the age categoryless than six years old, is not able to develop a high speed. The maximum value to which it can accelerate does not exceed 5 km / h. All models for kids are equipped with low-power engines. Therefore, parents will be able to walk next to the traveling machinery, and if necessary adjust its movement.

Electric scooters for older childrenmuch faster and more agile. They are able to develop a great speed. Such vehicles accelerate to 20 km / h. But if necessary, parents can limit the maximum engine power.

Some modern models are staffedwheels with rubber inserts, skillfully imitating the tread pattern. This allows you to improve grip with the road. The presence of such inserts in combination with a wide wheelbase turns this type of child transport into a stable and easy-to-operate technique. In addition, most of the new models are attached a special keychain, through which parents can remotely shut off the engine.

electric quadrocycle price

Basic Operating Instructions

No matter how safe at first sightseemed elekrovvadrotsikly for children, while riding them, you must observe a few elementary rules that will protect your child from possible trouble.

The first thing parents should remember is who boughtto your child a similar toy, this is that it can not be left unattended. Someone from adults must constantly monitor the behavior of a child riding a quad bike.

It is possible to operate such transport only inmaximum safe places. It is desirable that there were no hills and busy motor roads. As an additional protection you need to buy your child a special helmet and glasses. Before you sit him behind the wheel, you need to explain the basic rules and remind you of the need to constantly look at the road.

Before you start exploiting children'selectric quadrocycle, it is necessary to check its serviceability and battery level. By analogy with any other technique. This transport requires regular care, so teach the child to monitor the condition of his property.


Electric quadrocycles for children will be excellenta gift for your baby. Their design is virtually identical to the design of all-terrain vehicles designed for adults. Today you can choose a stylish model, not only for boys, but for girls. This technique is equally suitable for motor sports, and for everyday walks in the nearest public garden.