Riddles are called small forms of literary creativity. In this case, one part refers to folklore - folk art. And the other group belongs to the author's works.

From the history of the appearance of riddles

This genre of folk art appeared a very long time ago. And not always it was only a means of entertainment for children.
Mysteries about mushrooms, animals, plants, timesyear could check how a person is guided in the outside world, what is his level of knowledge. Wit, watchfulness, ability to see unexpected images in an ordinary subject was appreciated even in times of primitive people.

for children riddles about mushrooms
In some tribes the boy could become a manonly after he stood certain tests. One of them was the guessing of riddles. In the Russian wedding ceremony, the bridegroom received the bride only after he guessed some very difficult riddles.

What is a riddle

Despite the fact that most of the folk puzzlesappeared many centuries ago, people still come up with them. It turns out that this is a very fascinating activity. You just need to know what a mystery is.

riddles about mushrooms for children with answers for grade 2
Firstly, it is an allegory, an intricate question,which should be answered. Secondly, the text of the riddle is very brief. Third, they are characterized by expressiveness, imagery, accuracy and clarity of language.

How the choice of themes for puzzles is formed

It is known that some thematic groups of riddlesappeared a long time ago, while others were relatively new. To understand the cause of this phenomenon is not difficult. After all, the mystery reflects the real life of a person - objects and phenomena that surround him in everyday life and become "heroes" of riddles.

a riddle about mushrooms for children
For example, mushrooms have long been included in the folklore of variouspeoples. They are found in fairy tales, songs, epics, proverbs, sayings. This topic is very interesting and attractive for children. Riddles about mushrooms for this reason make up a large group among those that are familiar to children.

Riddle at the preschool age

Already in the period of pre-school childhood, a mysteryact as a means of comprehensive development of the child. The teacher needs to show the children that guessing the puzzles is a fun, useful and serious occupation.

Thematic selection of the material is veryan important issue. It is necessary to take into account the interest of children in the subject, which is the answer. It is also important to pay attention to the number of features indicated in the puzzle, to their specificity. It is from this that the simplicity or complexity of the entire task depends.
For example, riddles about mushrooms for children 3 - 4 years oldare quite accessible for guessing. There may come puzzles about flowers, butterflies, trees, pets or any other subjects familiar to children.

In the texts of riddles about mushrooms it is necessary to point outthe fact that the subject has a cap, one leg, this item must be looked for, and to take it, one will have to bend over and over. Life experience is enough to find the answer, and the task is not too difficult for children.
Riddles about mushrooms, like any other, teach observation, the ability to notice something special. The mental activity of the child is activated, the imagination is working, the vocabulary is enriched.

Riddle in the younger school age

In elementary school, riddles remain the means of developing speech, imagination, and thinking.
About mushrooms, plants, animals, natural phenomena, hygiene means, seasons are just a small list of topics that can be used when working with younger schoolchildren.

riddle about mushrooms for children 3 4 years
The difference from the material used inpreschool age, is that the list of words-signs in the puzzle indicates not on the generalized name of the object, but on its variety. For example, you can see how the riddles about mushrooms are used in the lessons.
For children with answers (for grade 2),a few puzzles, but students are warned in advance that some of the word-riddles are confused. Their task is to properly arrange the answers by the description of the characteristics.
Among the riddles there are such words as fly agaric, boletus, freckles, poderezozovik and other names of mushrooms.

Considering that one of the most beloved literarygenres of children of all ages are puzzles, they can be used in a wide variety of situations. It can be not only specially organized by the teacher classes, but also spontaneously arising tournaments by the number of given to each other or guessed riddles.
They can be guessed on a walk through the autumn forest,here the riddle about mushrooms is especially suitable, for children it will be not only interesting, but also informative. Excursions, holidays, olympiads are those events where a riddle on any topic is also appropriate.

Riddles with answers. Children's creativity

Very often children themselves, without participationadult, arrange competitions on guessing riddles. In such a situation, there may be a dispute over the correctness of the answer. It is necessary to teach children to use collections, where various tasks are placed, including riddles about mushrooms for children with answers.

riddles about mushrooms for children with answers
The ability to guess riddles always goes toa new stage - children certainly want to come up with texts that require an answer to the question posed. And again there will be themes that are close to small authors. Certainly there will be a mystery about mushrooms.
For children of all ages, the puzzle is a kind of guide to the world that surrounds them.