Double-horned uterus is a congenital anomaly of developmentinternal female organs, which are laid with the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. The reasons for such a defect may be different: taken independently, without a doctor's prescription, drugs or infectious diseases transferred during pregnancy, smoking and alcohol can also cause an anomaly.

Preventive examinations may not showpathology, before the onset of pregnancy, nothing disturbs a woman. With a small degree of anomaly, the bicornic uterus and pregnancy do not cause problems, most such cases result in childbirth. However, such episodes as miscarriage, abnormal passage of the birth canal, its improper position in the uterus are possible, therefore, the bicornylum and pregnancy are always fraught with complications during pregnancy and childbirth. As a rule, caesarean section is used.

To find out if there is such a pathology, it is possible, paying attention to the following signs of a health disorder:

• Violated menstrual cycle (dysmenorrhea)

• Hemorrhages that are abnormal.

• Infertility and miscarriages.

After going to the doctor, you should undergo ultrasound diagnosis of the uterus, there are a number of other methods for determining the defect.

Double womb, pregnancy and childbirth is a reality

When the examination is completed and it becomes clear,that the woman has a pathology - a bicornic uterus, treatment should be conducted both in the preparation of the conception itself, and during the entire period of the pregnancy. Such anomalies in the development of the uterus are not so common, but the bicornylum and pregnancy are the basis for careful observation of the entire period of gestation and development of the fetus. If abnormal development of the uterus is associated with the same abnormal development of the genitourinary system, then a urological examination is performed. When a bicornic uterus is diagnosed, the treatment can be performed promptly: a uterine septum is excised or plastic surgery is performed.

Types of vicious development of the uterus, observation during pregnancy

The anomaly of the uterus is of three types: saddle, full and incomplete. In the first case, the bicornylum and conception are completely compatible and there are usually no problems with the onset of pregnancy, but the anomaly is accompanied by the defects of the urinary system, often the pelvic narrowing leads to an incorrect presentation of the fetus, and the birth of a child is naturally problematic.

Incomplete and full version of the two-horny uterus: pregnancy occurs, but there is a high probability of miscarriages, so the entire period of pregnancy a woman must be under the supervision of doctors. In especially severe cases, bicornic uterine anomalies and pregnancy, during the period of more than three months of pregnancy and before delivery, it is necessary to observe in the hospital.

The uterine cancer can lead to a combinatorialdevelopment, when the uterus is one, but two necks or vice versa, two uterus with one neck, there is a variant when two uterus, but their development is not the same: one is well developed and the other is underdeveloped. Therefore, in the case when a bicornic uterus is diagnosed, treatment is determined based on the specific type and development of the anomaly, because there is a threat of miscarriage or bleeding after childbirth, the possibility of other complications.

If pregnancy occurs in the underdeveloped partthe development of the fetus is hampered by its small volume, the uterine musculature is not adequately supplied with blood, muscular activity is impaired. Therefore, when a bicornic uterus is diagnosed, during the pregnancy, at the earliest possible time, compulsory and thorough medical supervision is necessary, with any, even the most minor symptoms, should be referred to the hospital.