Raising a child is a difficult and demandingattention process. It should be a parent. There is an opinion that the father should educate the boy, and the mother - the girl. And not in vain. The question of how to raise a boy a gentleman, every parent is asked. It is the father who is the person who serves as an example for imitation. Looking at his father, the baby already from the cradle develops an idea of ​​how a man should behave towards life, business, women.

how to raise a boy

The model of the parent's behavior is stored in the headthe baby is extremely accurate already at the subconscious level. In order for a child to grow into a worthy representative of modern society, it is necessary to give him a positive example from infancy, even in situations where everything is out of control. It is quite difficult to raise a child. 1 year is the age when the personality is already beginning to form, and memory is to carefully save everything that gets from the outside world. It is the pope who must show the child the basics of the basics. Starting with how to go to the toilet (my mother is not able to teach it by her own example), and ending with how to talk with the ladies.

child upbringing 1 year

You do not need to have special knowledge to know how to raise a boy a gentleman. It is enough to teach simple etiquette rules from early childhood. For example, the usual words:

  • Thank you;
  • you are welcome;
  • bye;
  • Hello.

They are simple, but should always be present inspeech of an adult, the baby will copy them, gradually realizing what's what and what. In addition, it is worthwhile, from the very beginning, to teach the boys to protect the girls, to give them up and help them. But at the same time, and defend their position, to analyze this or that situation is fair and correct. Of course, it will not work out right away. But in order to know how to properly educate a boy, you will have to act in a way of trial and error. Something will be effective, something - not very.

One thing is for sure: You can not use the method of categorical prohibitions. All educators and psychologists abandoned him because he gives only a negative result. It is necessary to seek compromises even with a very small child. Before raising a boy by his example, the pope will have to pay attention to himself and his behavior. Perhaps something needs to be corrected.

As for single mothers, then there is astrictly restrict. You can not bear the image of your ideal man (and he has each) on the baby. It is possible that as a result there is a risk of obtaining an absolutely opposite result. The main rule for single mothers-educators of small gentlemen is not to spoil a child. It is impossible to replace the absence of the pope with excessive pampering and forgiveness. When the boy is to blame, he must be punished. This educational moment, like no other, teaches us to be responsible for our actions.

how to properly educate a boy

To know how to raise a boy a man, noneed to run around child psychologists. It is enough to tell him about who he is, why he should strive for justice. Only by personal example can you visually show what is good, and what is negative and evil.