Today we will talk about the fact thatis an amber wedding and what to give to this celebration of the couple. First we will touch upon the feeling that binds partners for a long time. It is love that allows spouses to celebrate the amber, and then the golden wedding.


The main secret of a long marriage -understanding spouses. People say good, pleasant words to each other, swear in eternal love, promise to be there for the rest of their days, not understanding, in fact, that love comes with the years, and at the beginning of relationships is passion, love, sympathy. It seems to everyone a beautiful person, when a feeling of love makes you literally flit a butterfly over the object of adoration.

amber wedding

Hormones of happiness in the body stand out in furiousquantity. We like this condition. We forget about the future and live only here and now. We can not look at our soul mate, and parting even for one day, we do not find a place for ourselves. Draws a friend to a friend with some incredible power. I want to touch, hug, inhale the fragrance of a loved one, spend the last pennies on a bouquet of flowers, and on a date to invite just to the square or for a walk through the autumn park.

In the period of love, a person sees in everythingonly positive. It is good for him that he loves and loves him. The candy-bouquet period ends before the entrance to the registry office. Yes, the first 2-3 years are still perfect, and both are hovering, although the altitude of the flight is significantly reduced. Attracts to the ground what? Correctly - life. Wisdom, as they say, comes with age. But while it comes (if at all deign to come), it is possible to tear up so much wood that it will suffice all Chukotka to heat. Therefore, at the beginning and throughout the whole family life, one should often listen to the advice of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and not necessarily just their own. Sometimes you will see a person somewhere in the subway the first and last time in your life, and he will tell you in half an hour how his wife lived, how they cursed, how they reconciled themselves and how they learned to avoid quarreling. Take this wisdom from any sources and apply it.

A family

In our time with the family institute is not very goodthings are going. Legalize the relationship the couple are not in a hurry, and the number of official divorces is only increasing. Why? Yes, because the family - it's not just a shower together, coffee in bed and the overall budget. The family is a huge internal work. It is contrary to its principles and pride to change, revise their views, sacrifice their interests, admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness even when you are right, forgive, learn to tolerate something that can not be changed in a partner yet. And yes, the most common rule, which for some reason very few people use, is to be quiet in time! Who will say that it is easy? It's incredibly hard work.

amber wedding for how many years

The bulk of modern youth in generalgrew lazy. Hard times, parents plowed in factories, and there was not much time for children, and grandmothers and grandfathers felt sorry for their grandchildren and instead gave brooms and oranges. A generation of children has grown up, who sometimes laziness with a rag in their house, not to mention building, grooming and cherishing conjugal relationships. This is an unbearable burden for them. Hence the divorce, the reasons for which in 90% sound like "did not get along with the characters."

Amber wedding. How many years of living together?

The blessing now before eyes at modern youth there are examples of families which decades live together and do not cease to love and protect each other.
Family life in 34 years is not in vain called amberwedding. It is this time that is needed for the marriage union to finally grow stronger, like a stone amber. After all, everyone knows that the resin has transformed into a valuable metal, you need more than one decade.

amber wedding photo

34 years of marriage - this is the period when the marriage is fully tested for strength. People say that an amber wedding is the beginning of a new life.


Such a celebration can be celebrated at home, outdoorsor in a restaurant. We invite relatives and closest friends. The table should be covered with a golden tablecloth. At the head, where the perpetrators of the celebration will be, some symbol of their date is put.

a gift for an amber wedding to parents

It can be an amber cup with a saucer anda spoon or a statuette of an angel from amber. According to folk customs on this day, the couple should be dressed in things of red or yellow color. On a woman must be an ornament of amber - a pendant, beads, a ring or a bracelet. Thematically, you need to arrange a room in which the celebration will take place.

Amber wedding. What to gift?

On the thirty-fourth anniversary of the wedding, my husband's wifeIt is obliged to present any ornament from amber - earrings, pendants, necklaces. A wife can give her husband some necessary accessory - an amber cigarette case or cufflinks. How to choose a gift for an amber wedding to parents?

Children of spouses can present a beautifulfloor lamp with a wooden carved base, on which will be amber inclusions. Another presentation is luxurious Jacquard bedding with embroidery in gold colors. An excellent gift from children will be a trip for two on any trip. It is desirable to go where parents have not been. Relatives and friends can give their spouses what they want. A man can be presented with a spinning or a suitcase of a fisherman, and a woman - a season ticket to a spa or swimming pool.

amber wedding what to give

Than to please the spouses who have amberwedding? It is desirable to give such a gift on such a day, which is useful to both - a picnic set, tickets for a theater for two, etc. Fantasy is limitless, as they say.


To entertain guests, you can invite a vocalistwith a personal synthesizer, as well as magicians. Also, an amber wedding will be even more interesting if the performers of oriental belly dance and virtuoso guitarists perform at the celebration.
On this day, the couple must necessarily kiss the amicable cries of the guests: "It's bitter!"

Mutual understanding is the guarantee of long relationships

Scientists believe that the enemy of family relations -eternal disputes, misunderstanding, irritation and indifference. It is allowed to be sad and indignant, but only in unison, which is practically impossible with modern couples. Scientists from research institutions of different countries have identified four reasons for long and happy family relationships: a long period of premarital relations, a clear division of responsibilities in the family, the husband should be older than his wife for about 6 years, regularly communicate with each other - at least 30 minutes a day.

amber wedding congratulations

But whatever discoveries scientists make in the fieldmarital relationships, we must not forget that love is so fragile that it can die from misunderstanding, intolerance, quarrels, understatement and resentment. Take care of the relationship!


If your friends will soon have an amber wedding, congratulations can be as follows:
Amber years sparkle,
That you lived together.
There were all kinds of hardships,
We knew, we will survive.
The family hearth was protected,
Home, work, children, life.
In quarrels small and offenses,
The family debt is not forgotten.
You always walked together
In life this is not simple.
And now we wish you
To live until the wedding is golden!


Now you know what to give to spouses if they have an amber wedding. Photos of some gifts for clarity are presented in the article. We wish you good luck in choosing a presentation for your husband and wife!