Which child does not dream of becoming a realsecret agent? Regardless of sex, children are literally raving games of spies, vying with each other in a fashion new gadget. It is worth one child to become a happy owner of a fashionable thing, as everyone in the neighborhood begin to dream of the same. One of the most attractive technical innovations, from the point of view of the children themselves, is Spynet's spy watch. The responses of the parents, on the contrary, do not share the enthusiastic enthusiasm for the long-awaited purchase.

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Functional features of the toy

The main feature that attractschildren in this device, it is considered an opportunity to keep a hidden video and take photos secretly from the opponent. Children also like the opportunity to check a friend on the lie detector. However, in order to rule out random results, the "lie detector" function is calibrated before the beginning of each test for the sake of similarity by a knowingly true statement. Children's spy watches "Spynet" can handle voice and have a built-in voice recorder. And, of course, on this miniature and multifunctional device there is a function for playing time. The recording camera is equipped with an automatic shooting mode.

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Full specifications

Why this toy so quickly took over the mindsand the hearts of thousands of little secret agents? In fact, there is nothing surprising in the phenomenon of the gadget. Toy Spy Clock "SpyNet" has everything that children love so much, and even a little more. There is also a color screen, and an original modern design, and a built-in video game "Bug Detector", as well as the ability to transfer the accumulated files to the computer. As many as 20 minutes of continuous video, 3 hours of audio playback and 2,000 various spy shots. The developers did not miss the opportunity to equip the gadget with the function of downloading new "unworkable missions". To do this, it is enough to synchronize the toy with the PC, and also go to the official website. If you want for the most hidden video, you can additionally connect a snake camera, which you need to buy separately. The night vision mode will allow you to play spies even in the dark. Well, of course, no modern thing will not do without a stopwatch, a timer and an alarm clock.

How much are the spy clocks

Spy Clock "Spinet": the price of a toy

Children whose parents refuse to purchasegadget to his child on the occasion of another holiday, secretly dreaming of saving the right amount to buy. It takes a long time to save, in order to become a happy owner of the watch, you must pay at least 3 500 rubles, depending on the store. Why do parents not in a hurry to satisfy the whims of their children and do not buy a new-fashioned gadget on demand? There is a logical explanation for this. Parents do not mind that children play spies. However, after learning how much spy watches "Spynet" cost, adult members of the family immediately call the price unreasonably high. Whatever the functional component of the toy, first of all, the thing that the child desires is just a toy. And the more functional features it has, the more parents believe that there is more chance of an early failure. Many fear that the toy in normal working condition will not survive a week, which is why they are not in a hurry to part with their finances.

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Spy Clock SpyNet: reviews of children

To decide on a purchase, it is worth to estimatea variety of reviews about the toy. Some advanced users of children's gadgets have already collected a complete collection of gizmos from the American manufacturer Jakks Pacific. Well, let's give them a word, on the rights of people who understand the toy a little more than others. Undoubted advantage is the design of the gadget and its main functional component. Almost all are surprised by the presence of a rather useless, in their opinion, "bug detector" functions. With the lie detector built into the gadget, many users could already get to know using similar phone applications. Also quite standard options are filled with the game component, but the watches are used by children, first of all, to follow where parents hide from them sweet or in peeking for classmates. Therefore, to the presence of not the most diverse gaming applications, children tend to be calm.

Pros and Cons of Toys

The high price frightens off the purchase, perhaps, onlyparents. For children spy watches "Spynet", the price of which comes in some stores to 4,000 rubles, turned into a real lust. Many conclude a tacit agreement with their parents and try to finish the academic year well, thereby deserving a long-awaited gift. Those who already use the clock tell that batteries are not needed in principle, and it's better to charge the device via a USB cable connected to a home computer. Also, advanced users among children appreciated the possibility of digital decoding. Through the official website of the toy manufacturer, children install the game of the same name and perform the task of passing the 5th level of complexity. As a reward, users receive a gift code, which can then be used on additional games or to encode the produced photos. Some note the not quite good resolution of the camera, built-in Spynet's spy clock, the photos are not of the best quality. Although for the level of the toy, probably, the quality of the pictures can be considered high.

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Convenient order through the online store

Many children simply do not know whether thethe treasured thing they have in the city, and whether there are any specialized stores. Children's forums are simply covered with questions about where you can get the coveted spy gadget. Most buyers, especially those who live in small towns, have long found a way out and order a thing through online stores. Delivery, as a rule, does not make itself long to wait. Also, children are actively interested in how much spy watches "Spynet" cost and can they get anywhere below the declared price? Unfortunately, the price lower than the announced 3,500 - 4,000 rubles can only be if the thing is sold by hand. However, in this case there is a high probability that the gadget does not suit its owner, or the thing simply does not function well. Therefore, do not be stingy, it is better to still order a child a long-awaited gift through a proven online store that supplies children's toys.

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Correct position of parents

Not every parent is willing to afford to buyhis child so expensive toy, as spy watches "Spynet." Reviews of parents in most cases boil down to the fact that they think the gadget is simply a useless thing. However, for a child there is no better gift than the one he dreams about for a long time. And if the thing is so important for children, it does not at all need to be categorical and try to get them to give up their dreams. In addition, buying a tablet or phone for your child, every parent subconsciously insures himself in case of possible equipment failure. Even the most accurate of the children is not immune to damage to the phone or tablet. So what can we say then about the spy clock Spynet? Reviews of the children themselves, literally squealing with delight over the gadget, noticeably outweigh the rational and pragmatic statements of the parents.