The pride of the Russian capital is Red Square. On New Year's Eve this territory radiates a special energy. There are chimes, interesting concerts and bright salutes. What ordinary people think about entertainment in this place, you can read in the article.

Action plan

Both children and adults on the night of December 31 to 1January they are waiting for something wonderful and incredible. Of course, many want to meet the New Year in an unusual atmosphere. Therefore, more and more people instead of feasting in a narrow family circle want to meet a holiday in the center of the country.

red square for the new year
Annually for the capital's public they prepareenchanting show, dazzling fireworks and original surprises. Meeting the New Year in Red Square is the best option for young people. In addition, such an action plan is also very economical. Vacationers do not need to spend money on holiday clothes, expensive alcoholic drinks and a sumptuous table. All guests can watch the concert program for free and spend a great night in a fun company.

However, in order for the celebration to succeed, it is bettergo to a party at once with the whole team - this is advice from the "experienced". The fact is that in such a mass of people it is practically impossible to meet with acquaintances. Few people manage to get through on New Year's Eve. Mobile communication is practically non-existent.


The dream of many Russians is to celebrate the New Year inMoscow. On Red Square this night, many Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. In addition to these characters, the territory is full of other fairy-tale heroes. The dressed people are very friendly and willingly take pictures with everyone.

On the street, directly under the open sky, in the people'sstyles are sung and artists dance. You can dance dances and sing along. Adds moods and festive illuminations. And the highlight of 2016 was a laser show, from which not only visitors but also residents of the capital were delighted.

new year on red square
Those who are used to active recreation shouldto celebrate the New Year at the rink. On Red Square he works since 2000. On a festive night, he also receives visitors. The mood is raised by good music and bright illumination. However, as the guests state, entrance prices could be lower. Also, people do not like the fact that tickets must be bought in advance, since it is almost impossible to do it on New Year's Eve.

Best Traditions

The main thing is why people go on New Year's Eve onthe area is salutes. Many tourists and guests of the city note that they did not see such beautiful, luxurious and long fireworks in any other capital of the world. A lot of visitors come here to feel the extraordinary, explosive energy that this place radiates.

Helps support all festive traditionsRed Square. On New Year's Eve every citizen of the country wants to see the appeal of the President. Especially in order not to miss this event, the concert stops, which starts at 22 hours. So that people can hear his speech, hang giant screens. This is very convenient - this is evidenced by those who visited it.

It should be noted that alcoholic beverages are not sold on the territory. If you do not imagine a holiday without champagne, you can drink it at home or after leaving the square.

Usually the crowd diverge closer to four in the morning.

new year on red square reviews

New rules

At the end of 2015, Russians were waiting for an unpleasantsurprise. The authorities decided that a limited number of people would be able to meet the holiday on the square. A certain part of the invitations came personally. On December 31, the "Blue Light" was shot here - a program that has already become a bright part of the history of the country.

However, many people make loud statements aboutThe fact that the Red Square on the New Year limits access for other reasons. They are sure that this is done only for the sake of getting less people who are not of Slavic appearance.

Indeed, many visitors do not like it,that a number of rest guest workers. Other guests are sure that representatives of another nationality have the right to celebrate here, as well as the indigenous residents of the capital. And depriving them of such a possibility is wrong, inhumane.

Friendly law enforcement officers

Many visitors complain that in the squareconstant crush. Even limiting the number of people invited does not help keep the crowd under control. But almost all who visited there also state that there is practically no drunken audience. Usually walks a lot of young, cheerful companies. Law enforcement officers perfectly follow the order. Many policemen consider it an honor to celebrate the New Year on Red Square. Photos with young officers make all comers. Men and women in uniform are very welcoming and willingly posing in front of the cameras.

meeting of the new year on the red square
Do not please visitors and prices for goods. The cost of hot drinks, food and souvenirs is significantly overestimated. Also, many people are spoiled by the mood of winter without snow. Muscovites and guests of the capital are accustomed to seeing the city in snowdrifts. And in recent years, the weather is not happy. But the warm temperature allows you longer fun and do not freeze.

Holiday Details

Regardless of the year, people share the fact that they are soand could not get to the main square of the country. The reason is that the entrance is controlled by the police, who are given orders. If the territory is crowded, the gate for new visitors is closed.

We have to go through the metal detector. The queue here is very long. Guardians of law have the right to look in their bags and search people. They withdraw alcohol. Holidaymakers share the fact that it is very rare to deceive the police and carry alcohol with them. Therefore, we have to celebrate the New Year on Red Square, even without a bottle of champagne.

Many holidaymakers remained to celebrateneighborhoods. However, very often, even a hundred meters from the center, because of the noise, salutes and music, you can not hear what almost everything came for - the battle of the chimes. But aside, you can easily enjoy a sparkling drink made from plastic utensils. However, almost no one follows the illegal use of pyrotechnics. Therefore, over and over again, under your feet, firecrackers explode. There were cases when ordinary passers-by were delivered with burns to hospitals.

new year in moscow on the red square

Negative sides

As you know, in cold and windy weather, frostpicks up to the bone. Therefore, many visitors return home with a cold. Those who rest in the center for the first time, are recommended to dress first not beautifully, but warm and comfortable.

For many people, the cherished dream is to meet the Newyear on Red Square. Reviews of the celebration itself are often negative. Guests say that the main disadvantage of this action is that expectations do not justify reality. Moreover, the concert program in some years was extremely monotonous and boring, so even to those who come later, the first thing that catches your eye is piles of rubbish and broken glass.

Many, knowing that you can not bring alcohol to the territory, get drunk right before the entrance. Therefore, inadequate citizens spoil the holiday to all those around them.

new year at the rink on the red square

Public transport or own car?

Cars are parked in the neighboring streets. However, many want to leave the car closer to the area - this is noted by holidaymakers. Even if you park an iron horse on an empty road, you need to be prepared for the fact that after the festivities it will be blocked. In this case it is necessary to return home on foot, by taxi or by public transport, which is full of drunken, sometimes excessively friendly, passengers.

Many guests say that they are very tiredRed Square. For the New Year, it should be noted, in a convenient mode of transport works. Therefore, to leave a mass party and continue the holiday at home - it's very easy.

The metro is usually open to 2:00 nights, and buses go to 3. After that, the transport stops for a short break, and in the morning again brings tired passengers in the normal mode. Both the guests of the capital and the indigenous people positively assess its work. After all, public transport allows you to easily and economically get from any part of Moscow to the center. Therefore, you do not have to take your own car and subsequently look for a parking spot.

Tips for beginners

Those who visited here on a festive night,recommend not to store alcohol, and hot drinks. It is better to take tea or coffee with you in the thermos. Such a container the police misses without problems. Another tip: you need to get to the place before 22 hours. After all, after this time, the territory is usually filled to the eyeballs.

new year in the red square photo
How to celebrate the New Year in Red Square,well know and the residents of the capital. The security is friendly, but harsh, so they will not allow food and champagne to go with them. However, people who have not once walked in the capital, share that a tasty snack - perhaps. Many visitors leave food in the car, to which they later return. Quitting hunger and thirst, they again continue to walk around Moscow. However, you should know that once again getting into the center is extremely difficult.

Impressions of the celebration on Red Square is a memory for a lifetime. Such an event can be proud of and brag to friends and family.