DMB decoding
DMB - the decoding of this abbreviation stands for the word "demobilization". This word has many meanings and in different dictionaries is served differently.


The main meanings of this word include such things as:

  • dismissal from the armed forces of military personnel at the end of their term of service or military operations;
  • the process during which the transfer of the armed forces, as well as the national economy, the country's economy from a martial law to a peaceful one, is carried out;
  • the weakening of activity in a certain sphere of activity, the weakening of readiness for something, the loss of vigilance.

Detailed explanation

What does the abbreviation "DMB" mean? The decipherment of this abbreviation is as follows: "demobilization", sometimes "demobilization". Demobilization is the opposite concept to the word "mobilization". A vivid example is the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, when general mobilization was declared, and in May 1945, after the end of the war, demobilization was declared. If you touch history, in Russia in the twentieth century, demobilization was announced at the end of three wars:

  • Russian-Japanese;
  • Civil war;
  • Second World War.

congratulations with the DMB
After the collapse of the USSR, when the RussianFederation, the process of mobilization has never been carried out, which is why this period has not been marked by the DMB. The interpretation of the concept is rather ambiguous and multifaceted.

Alternative abbreviation values

Today, the term "demobilization" is oftenIt is used by servicemen who pass or undergo military service on conscription. By this term they designate such a process as dismissal to the reserve at the end of the term of active military service, but this is a somewhat erroneous opinion. Dismissal and demobilization are two terms that denote different processes and are significantly different. In army slang, words that are derived from this term are also very often used. One of them is the "demobilization". Means this notion of a serviceman who is in the emergency service or is fired into the reserve. Sometimes the concept is used to refer to the process of firing a serviceman into a reserve, that is, his DMB. Decoding can have other meanings, and itselfofficial reduction is often used by the military for tattoos or some other form of artistic expression. In Russia, as well as some other states that used to be part of the USSR, the process of dismissal is connected with the holding of the DMB holiday. The meeting of the "demobilization" usually takes place on a grand scale, in the villages they walk and celebrate with the whole village, with songs and dances.

DMB meeting
It is accompanied by different rituals, whichwere invented by the military, now it has become a tradition. At such meetings, congratulations often come from the DMB, and the military uniform of the demobilized soldier is decorated with additional attributes, which is an indicator of his new status. But the dress uniform is worn not only on the last day of service. Even after a certain period of time, former employees also wear this uniform.