Fishing, hunting, hiking or just relaxing in natureIs a favorite occupation of many people, without which they sometimes simply can not imagine themselves. Such pastime leaves a lot of emotions and memories, but they are not always positive, because even the most beautiful and successful day can be overshadowed by the presence of bloodsucking insects. Therefore, a mandatory piece of equipment should be a mosquito suit. And it should be high-quality and reliable, provide not only protection, but also optimal conditions for a person.

mosquito suit
The mosquito suit "Bodyguard" isa unique protective agent. It is ideal for hiking in the forest or for expeditions, and for practicing extreme sports in the wild. The costume effectively copes with its main task - protection from bloodsucking parasites. But at the same time he is distinguished by a high degree of comfort, without causing a person any inconvenience or embarrassment from wearing it.

High efficiency and conveniencehas a mosquito suit, are achieved due to several layers of which it consists. Each layer performs its specific functions. A special structure of equipment provides good thermoregulation due to the presence of interlayer air, which allows a person to feel comfortable in any weather. "Bodyguard" is not only a summer mosquito suit, but also equipment for cooler weather. In the hot season, the air layer protects the person from overheating, providing ventilation, and in the cold - prevents the loss of heat, protecting from the cold.

mosquito suit bodyguard
As mentioned before, a mosquito suithas several layers. The lower layer is an all-season thermal underwear, which provides a comfortable temperature. Outwardly it looks like a chain mail made from a massive net. The components of the lower layer are knitted pants and a knitted sweatshirt. They are made from natural 100% cotton. The density of the product is 400 g / m2. Quality materials and quality sewingensure the proper performance of the assigned functions and the longevity of the product. But he needs a careful care, since the recommended washing schedule is machine, at a temperature of up to 30 degrees.

summer mosquito suit
The top layer is made of 100% polyester andis a thin film with microscopic pores. He, as well as the bottom layer, includes two elements - a mosquito net and pants. The density of the product is 100 g / m2. The main purpose of the top layer is toprotection of the skin from blood-sucking insects. Polyester coating does not allow the proboscis of gadflies, flies or hornets to penetrate through it. Also, it does not allow the mites to catch on to their clothes, since they just slip on it. Mosquitoes are able to penetrate the polyester mesh, but they are prevented from reaching the skin by the cotton cloth of the lower layer. Thus, a mosquito suit provides protection of a person from any bloodsucking insects.