When all major repairs of the premisesfinished (ready to floor and ceiling, and the walls are finished), you can proceed to its textile design. Interior textiles are pillows and bedspreads for sofas and beds, tablecloths for the table, carpets for the floor and, of course, curtains. Today, the design of curtains is not always an easy task. After all, everyone wants to not just create coziness in the room, but also make it original and unique.

double curtains

What are double curtains?

Not so long ago in the world of interior textilesthere were double curtains. They are not just ordinary curtains for windows, but a whole complex of ornaments. The basis of it are two types of fabric (superimposed on each other), which can complement lambrequins, ties, garters and other decorative elements.

The curtains combine different shades.You can play in contrast and make a chocolate color with a dairy, then the whole interior of the room will look very impressive and unusual. Using similar shades of fabric, for example, pink and purple, visually expand the room. If the fabric of one part of the curtains with a pattern, and the other without it, then this option will be very interesting to look at. However, double curtains provide for the simultaneous use of two fabrics with similar patterns. But in this case, the texture and fabric manufacturer are very important.

Three kinds of double curtains

In appearance, double curtains are usually divided into three types:

  1. The classic option.It can be ordinary and boring, but only if it is not a question of double curtains. In this case, the classic means the use of two canvases: dense and more transparent. They allow you to control the degree of penetration of light when expanding one of the parts. There is also a variant of the design of the classic type of double curtains, when on one canvas alternate dark and light strips of fabric. Often there are three of them (in the center of a light fabric they have a dark one and vice versa), but there is also a multi-band alternation.
  2. Fans of Roman curtains can also enjoya kind of double cloths, especially as in this variant they look even more interesting. In fact, these are two separate layers, where the bottom is most often made of transparent and light fabric (organza, lace, etc.), and the upper one - from dense and opaque. The Roman curtains can be adjusted mechanically or using an electric drive. If both canvases are omitted, the light will practically not penetrate into the room, if only the translucent part, then the lighting will be soft. This option is very convenient for inclined windows of the attic, since Roman curtains can be mounted directly on the ceiling.
  3. Curtains double can be in roll-up. This is a two-layer fabric with alternatingtransparent and opaque stripes, fixed on a roll. Using roller blinds is easy. It is enough to promote the fabric a little, so that the thick fabric covers the transparent fabric, and the room will be dark. If the strips of fabric are superimposed on each other, then light enters the room.

Advantages of double-layer curtains

The use of double curtains in the design of the room has many advantages:

  • There are more options for the design of the window opening, because at least two colors are added.
  • Curtains are easy to care for - rolls, for example, do not require frequent washing, and classic ones are easy to wash and iron.
  • They can easily choose the option for any interior. For example, for a living room in the Japanese style, double curtains will fit well.
  • They are equally relevant in both small and large rooms.

Possessing a mass of advantages, double curtains havejust one small minus - on the wall where the window with such curtains is located, do not place large items (cabinets and other large furniture), otherwise all beauty will be hidden.

double-layer curtains

The combination of fabrics

Depending on the size and lighting of the room,you should choose a fabric for double curtains, because its combination can differ not only in color, but also in density. Two opaque curtains in tandem are suitable for a room with windows facing south. However, curtains in the bedroom of this format will also be very handy, if it's the eastern side. They will protect the room from excessive bright light.

Two translucent fabrics should be chosen ifThe room is small or its windows face north. In this case, the window will also look original, and the sunlight will penetrate into the room in sufficient quantity. The option with two lightweight fabrics is suitable for a room with a balcony or a loggia, since this extra space "eats" part of the natural light.

Double curtains can combine a transparent and dense fabric. This option is suitable for those cases where during the day it is required to adjust the level of illumination.

double night curtains

And, finally, this version of the window design can be with the muslin, which has recently become more popular.

Cornices for double curtains

The use of double curtains in the room requiresspecial attention when choosing the cornice. If it is assumed that the wide window will be closed with double dense curtains, it is better to purchase a wooden or metal eaves. The plastic version will not work, because it can not withstand a heavy load.

You should pay attention to the option of securingcurtains and the presence of additional decorative elements. For example, double-layer curtains with lambrequins or muslin will require a minimum of double cornice, because the decorative part is fixed on a separate tube or path.

light double curtains

How to fix double curtains

If with the choice of cornice there is already certainty,you can proceed directly to the binding. On a single cornice, you can consistently put on fabric cloths, previously sewn together. But at the same time moving the curtains will not be very convenient, especially if the fabric is heavy.

A three-row cornice is suitable if there are curtains or a decorative part. In this case, on the inner two rows hang different curtains, and on the outer row the chosen addition.

Light double curtains (however, like more dense fabrics) can be fixed to two rows, alternating the upper ones with the lower loops. This, to all other, will add its own design zest.

Application of double curtains in the bedroom

Choosing curtains in the bedroom, you should considera few moments. First, they must have a protective function, ie, hide the room from views from the street or other house and from bright street light, during sleep.

Secondly, they should create a cosiness in the room, and therefore should not be very burdened with different decorations.

And, thirdly, curtains should be combined with the style and color scheme of the rest of the finish.

With regard to the first paragraph, it is resolved byuse of dense tissue. Such drapes are called nightly. For a bedroom, a practical option would be double curtains with varying degrees of darkness. As for the decorative part, in the named room window textiles are well complemented by lambrequins. But in this case, do not add more decorations.

The color range of the bedroom is often quiet, although not without exception. Accordingly, and curtains should be similar shades.

curtains in the bedroom

Double curtains in the living room

In the living room, as well as in the bedroom, there can also be double night curtains. Especially this option would be appropriate for housing in a private house or on the lower floors in a multi-storey building.

The beauty of such textiles is revealed in large rooms, so the living room is just the place for experiments with this kind of curtains.

double curtains in the living room

Double curtains can be hung in any room. In the nursery, for example, you can make curtains of two colored, but not too bright canvases and decorate them with muslin. The kitchen will look good version of the roller blinds. Especially since this is also practical in terms of cleaning. In any case, if you approach the textile design of the room with all responsibility and apply all your imagination, then even the old boring room will change and play with new colors.