Annually on January 12 in Russia is celebrated the Day of Prosecutor's Office. The decree on the establishment of this holiday was adopted in December 1995.

The choice fell on this date because in 1722The Great Tsar Peter ordered the establishment of the post of Prosecutor General under the government of the Senate, which was appointed Jan. Jaguzhinsky on January 12. It was in honor of this event and it was decided to celebrate the day of the Prosecutor's Office of this number.

prosecutor's day
The state system of supervisory bodies forobservance of laws in the human understanding is associated with the court, justice. Therefore, the statue of Themis almost always adorns the buildings of courts, law schools, universities, prosecutors or squares in front of them. Her reduced copies are in the offices of workers in this sphere. Often, as a gift to people whose profession is connected with jurisprudence, they present a statuette of Themis.

Often, the sculpture of the goddess of justice is depicted withblindfolded, but modern sculptors believe that the prosecutor's office should be sighted. That is, they must be able to make decisions, weighing not only the real facts, but also the moral aspects, the spiritual background of people's actions. In other words, these people should see not only their eyes and their minds, but also their hearts. Therefore, at the non-public Tokyo University Chuo University, known throughout the world for its school of jurisprudence, there is just such a beautiful Themis without a bandage in front of her eyes.

prosecuting authorities
At the solemn meetings in the professionalthe holiday raises the history of the formation of the prosecutor's office, pages of the main bright events are turned over, outstanding personalities, such as Andrei Yanovich Vyshinsky, Roman Andreevich Rudenko, are recalled. And the latter entered the human memory, above all, thanks to his participation in the Nuremberg trial. He supported the accusation of the leaders of the Hitler regime on the part of the USSR.

congratulations on the day of the prosecutor's office
Usually on Prosecutor's Office daysolemn meetings. They are congratulated, successes are celebrated, and the best employees of this sphere are awarded. On television, they broadcast concerts and films of the appropriate theme.

Also very often on corporateCongratulations on the Day of the Prosecutor's Office in verses sound like solemn meetings. They note the importance and complexity of this work, the tremendous responsibility of these workers. After all, the fate of people depends on the decision of the prosecutor.

Poems for the prosecution day

So it's hard sometimes to decide

Honor, do not be mistaken,

An innocent soul so as not to break,

After all, the word is like a bird,

Once taken off, it will not come back.

It's almost impossible to fix it

A mistake! And the devil is not your brother,

The deadline to request is very difficult!

And prosecutors today we are all

Sincerely congratulations!

Your hearts are full of courage!

We sincerely wish you:

This courage to carry to the end,

That the soul is not stale.

The heart drives the young man's blood,

And the mind will decide the outcome of the matter.

Of course, during the preparation for corporateholidays should consider the scenario of the event. You do not need to reduce everything to a usual meal with toasts. For example, a party will be good, if you take as a basis the Greek myths, and lead the dress in the costumes of the gods of Olympus.

It is also appropriate to conduct a comic "trial" overemployees, where the accuser will make merry ironic speeches, and the decisions can be: "Therefore, the suspect is convicted and he is given a suspended sentence (called the time remaining until retirement) with serving in (the full name of the organization). Also, the convict is given correctional labor in (the name of the place where the vacation ticket is issued) with a mandatory daily beach visit, evening entertainment, dancing. Flirting with young beauties, having a rest there, is welcomed! "

The contest "Guessa fairy tale ". During this, the story of the famous fairy tales is retold by the legal language. For example, the tale "The Wolf and the Seven Goats" can be described as follows: "The offender is attacking seven young citizens. The mother of the victims is lynched, as a result of which she saves her children, and the main character dies. "

It is very important to try to make the holiday fun and memorable, so that all participants of the event go home with a good and upbeat mood.