Every young mother after the birth of a childoften faces a lot of questions. One of them is: "What should be in the medicine cabinet?". Our advice to young mothers, literature and doctor's consultations will certainly come in handy at the beginning of learning the basics of motherhood.

petroleum jelly for babies

One of the main components of the first-aid kitmothers - petroleum jelly for newborns. It will be useful not only for the elimination of defects on the skin of the child, but it will also be useful to the most nursing mother in case of a blockage of the breast or lactostasis. Vaseline oil, applied as a compress at night, will improve the outflow of milk and soften the hardening in the chest.

What should be the care of newborns? Tips, recommendations

Use petroleum oil in care forneonates should be very careful. Vaseline oil is used as an external remedy for removing the crust on the head of a baby, with a panty, and also against rubbing the diaper before dressing. Breastfed babies can often lubricate with oil to moisturize the skin, and also handle wrinkles, lubricating the body of the newborn. Vaseline oil perfectly cope with irritation on the skin of the baby.

care for newborn tips advice

Effective use of petroleum jelly forhygiene of the nose of the newborn. With its help, crumbs can easily clean the spout, and also for free breathing and strong sleep of the baby to moisten the sinuses of the nose. Oil will help protect blood vessels.

Vaseline oil for newborns can beUsed to prevent infection when staging a gas tube or enema. In this case, the tip of the enema, lubricated with vaseline oil, will not scratch the skin of the child. It is important to remember that your baby's skin should breathe, which means it's better not to overdo it with butter. After all, vaseline oil for newborns is quickly absorbed and does not remain on the surface of the skin. Side effects with external application of oil is not observed. But its use can lead to stains on the baby's clothes and bedding.

You can use oil internally, becausepharmacological action of the drug is a laxative effect. The oil will soften the stool and will affect the work of the baby's intestines. But in this case, the consultation of the doctor is important before the application.

Buy vaseline oil for newbornsit is better in the pharmacy, while it is worth paying attention to the expiry date of the goods. It should be stored no longer than the specified period, and it is quite inexpensive, in comparison with other means for caring for the child.

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The effectiveness of vaseline oil has been tested for years. After all, our grandmothers and mothers used this remedy in due time. In addition, specialists in the hospital will offer you to buy baby oil, and you will not lose it if you listen to the advice of a doctor.

But before using any medicinalor hygienic for children, it is necessary to consult with a pediatrician without fail. After all, only a graduate will be able to help you in solving problems or in choosing the right products. It is always worth remembering that any self-treatment, and especially with regard to children, can lead to disastrous consequences.