how many lives the parrot

The child asks to buy a parrot. But you have already lived different pets and some of them have already died, bringing much grief to all household members. If you are wondering "How long does a parrot live?", Our article is just for you: it will acquaint you with the secrets of the longevity of parrots. We hope, they will be useful to you, and feathered friends will please your family for a very long time.


How many live small restless colorfulbirds - wavy parrots? In the wild, their life is short - about 5 years. Specialists say that in captivity this species of parrots can on average survive from 10 to 15 years. With more thorough care and in the absence of disease - up to 20 years. This difference in longevity is explained by the care and protection that a person can provide.

What does the term "careful care" include?

wavy parrot how many live

1. In addition to full nutrition and timely treatment, wavy parrots require attention to themselves, communication with a person and an active lifestyle. Parrots must fly, so every day let them out of the cage for a while. Otherwise, birds can get sick.

2. Never bathe your pet, especially with soap - it will do him harm. It is better to put in a cage a small container with water - wavy parrots sometimes like to splash in the water.

3. Neighborhood with other animals in the house can be disastrous for wavy parrots. The cat is the enemy number 1 for them. Even if you are absolutely sure that the cat does not get to the bird, its presence so makes the parrots so nervous that they can die from severe stress even at an early age. It is safe to say: how much the parrot lives, depends more on the care and attention of the owner than on the average life expectancy of the bird.

how many live parrots are hot

4. Care for the parrot cage should be weekly.

How many live parrots are hot?

These cute gray African parrots live,as some zoologists assert, up to 50 years. Like other species of parrots, they are very sensitive to the quality of care for them and the conditions of detention. In addition, the host needs to monitor some moments of their daily life, in order to avoid the poisoning of Jaco. How many parrots live with people, so much he has to be exposed to the danger that even birds, even accidental contact with potentially harmful substances for them, are exposed to. Consider the main risk factors:

  • Nicotine is a destructive substance that causes coma and death of parrots. Hide cigarettes, ashtrays and cigarette butts - and the bird will live longer.
  • Alcohol: take care that jako does not accidentally try it from your glass, because it is very harmful for him.
  • Spray and soap: hexachlorophene, which is part of these products, causes diarrhea and temporary blindness in birds.
  • Salt: nuts, salted rusks, smoked sausage and other human delicacies, which the parrot can accidentally try, are categorically contraindicated to it. In case of poisoning, the nervous system is affected, the bird trembles and turns its head. A large amount of water is needed to neutralize the harm of the products mentioned.

On the question of how much a parrot lives, one can notanswer unambiguously, because the answer depends on how the owner looked after his pet, what he did in order to enjoy communication with a small friend as long as possible.